Rolling Papers vs. Cones: Which is Better?

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zig zag rolling papers

Rolling a fat doobie is a classic way to smoke weed and still one of the most preferred methods of sharing herb with friends. There’s something about passing a joint around a campfire or party and not having to worry about multiple pieces that takes the 420 lifestyle back to its roots. Plus there’s that amazing sense of accomplishment you get when you roll a dope one. Even if you’ve perfected the skill (congratulations), you may still have lots of questions. Should I choose all natural or flavored? Which brand of papers are best? And of course, should I use rolling papers or cones? It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to the art of rolling, we’re here to break down some of your most burning questions about  rolling papers vs. cones.

The type of paper you choose will set the tone for your entire smoking experience, so choose wisely. The size of the paper or cone will determine how big your joint can be while the material the paper is made out of and the thickness of the paper can affect how fast your joint will burn. Some papers also affect the taste of the weed. Rolling papers come in lots of different flavors, but some aficionados will tell you that they can taste the difference between the brands of non-flavored papers as well.

$100 King Cones

Things to consider when choosing papers and cones

One of the main goals of rolling a spliff, joint, or blunt is to achieve an even and smooth burn without canoeing. A canoe is when you get an uneven burn that runs up one side. This can happen with poor rolling technique, but also when lighting or with low quality paper. Many smokers have their preferred brand and they wouldn’t dream of smoking with anything else. But if you’re still searching for the right paper or cone, keep these tips in mind the next time you’re trying to get baked.


Rolling papers can be made from many different kinds of fibers like flax, rice, hemp, corn husks, and even palm fronds, but wood pulp is the real OG. It’s the same material used for cigarettes and is still the most common material used today. If you want to spice up your normal routine, you can find specialty papers and cones like the ones from Shine made of 24k gold. Those looking for a more natural smoking experience don’t have to search too hard. There are many brands that offer unbleached, unrefined, and organic papers with glue strips made from all-natural Acacia tree gum. RAW has been making smoking papers for hundreds of years in Spain and is one of the most popular natural brands, oh and they are also famous for their legendary  12’’ and 24’’ cones. Yes, you read that right. A two-foot long joint.


When it comes to choosing the size of your rolling papers, there are two popular options, 1 ¼ and King Size. The first is for smoking solo, while King Size can hold more weed and is great for smoking with your buddies. There’s also extra slim, and extra wide, among other sizes. Cones come in these sizes as well, but many brands like to have a bit of fun with thin and extra long cones available like the 24’’ cone mentioned previously. 

Bob Marley Papers

Before you read the pros and cons of each, just remember that one size does not fit all and choosing rolling papers over cones or vice versa also depends on the situation you’re in. Using a cone doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know how to roll. Even experts at rolling reach for cones every now and again.

Rolling papers


  • You have total control over your joints. Want to make a cross-joint or roll 20 pinners at once? Go right ahead.
  • Since you’re rolling them yourself, you're taking a step out of the manufacturing process. A pack of papers is more affordable than a pre-rolled cone.
  • Convenience is key. Throw the tiny pack in your pocket or bag and you're ready to go.
  • Each pack of papers has anywhere from 30 to 100 leaves.
  • Rolling is a timeless skill that every 420 enthusiasts will praise you for and it adds some fun and effort to getting blazed.


  • You can ruin all of your papers in one go if it gets wet or damaged.
  • Rolling a functional joint takes lots of trial and error to perfect.
  • Rolling takes longer than grinding and filling a pre-made cone.

Raw cones

Pre-rolled cones


  • Cones are rolled perfectly every time and many say they burn smoother.
  • They have a different burn since they’re bigger at the end. Hits get gradually more mellow.
  • Cones are extra convenient since they’re quick and easy to fill, crucial if you’re lighting up in a hurry (or too high to roll another one).
  • They can add more fun to a smoke sesh with friends. Two-foot challenge cone, or $100 bill cone anyone?


  • They can get smashed or damaged if they’re not protected in a tube.
  • Cones usually come individually so they’re not the best if you want to roll multiple joints at once.
  • Often one pre-roll cone is the same price as a pack of 30 to 50 papers.

Whether filling a joint or a cone, it’s essential to have the herb ground up evenly to achieve the smoothest burn. Read up on the best  rolling tray and grinder sets then head over to  Everything For 420 to check them out.

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