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Bongs and Bubblers for the Dankest Thanksgiving

November 20, 2019 4 min read

Phil Thanksgiving Turkey Leg

Thanksgiving is all about food, family, friends, and expressing gratitude for all the good things in life, no matter how small. There’s really no other holiday that deserves a 420 twist as much as this one. Ask any smoker, turkey and stuffing are the perfect combo for appeasing the munchies and warming up leftovers the following day can be a lifesaver. The new Danksgiving trend, where some people cook an entire marijuana-laced Thanksgiving meal down to the mashed potatoes and gravy may be gaining popularity, but we prefer to save time and get high the old fashioned way. Set the vibe by packing a bowl (or two) to pass amongst the dinner guests and begin working up an appetite. 

When it comes to choosing glassware to use on Thanksgiving, make sure not only to pick a piece that makes a statement (we know you want to impress), but also one that won’t break or crack. The last thing you want is to be sweeping up the glass when you should be spending time with your loved ones. For the dankest Thanksgiving in history, bring along these bongs and bubblers that are perfect for sharing and getting into the holiday spirit.

Glow In The Dark Iridescent Straight Shooter

Looking for a cool looking bong that will quickly get you baked? With this bong, you’ll still get the quick, direct rips of a  straight shooter, but they’ll be much more comfortable thanks to the showerhead perc and diffused downstem. Both percolators aerate the water, filtering out unwanted contaminants from the smoke so it’s soft on your lungs. The built-in ice catcher adds another quick burst of cool before being inhaled. Even grandma will be able to hit this bong without coughing! If electricity happens to go out, you’re in luck. You’ll still be able to find your bong since the center detail glows in the dark (just keep track of your lighter).

Glow In The Dark Iridescent Straight Shooter

Yellow Flower Bong

Handmade with extra thick glass walls, the  Yellow Flower Bong may even be able to withstand a drop from your clumsy drunk aunt (you know the one). Easily pass this baddie around the dinner table thanks to its sturdy base and short, 5-inch stature. The organic flowing curves are speckled with shades of yellow, orange, and amber that draw the eyes up to the mouthpiece and back down to the flowing clear base. The Yellow Flower Bong is simple to use and produces massive, direct hits that will get you blazed well before you get served the pumpkin pie.

Yellow Flower Bong

Double Trouble Bubbler

It doesn’t matter where you light up the  Double Trouble Bubbler, it’s always a huge hit (no pun intended). This unique bubbler packs deep and makes sharing especially easy. No need to wait your turn to give this piece a toke because now you can smoke two at a time. Neither smoker has to worry about splashback when taking extra hard pulls thanks to the arched neck design and tapered mouthpieces. The lower water chamber holds just enough to give both users fresh, smooth rips. Larger than your typical bubbler, but smaller than most bongs, the seven-inch Double Trouble Bubbler is easy to pass around, giving your Thanksgiving feast some added excitement.

Double Trouble Bubbler

Pink Heart Mini

Show your love for everyone celebrating the holiday with the help of the  Pink Heart Mini. This teeny-tiny bubbler is just three inches and can fit in the palm of your hand. The light pink transparent piece has two openings: a mouthpiece and a cone with a downstem where you stick a joint. The water within the heart chamber filters and cools down the smoke, creating smooth hits that you normally wouldn’t get from a joint by itself. Unlike other bongs and bubblers which are restricted by the size of the bowl and need to be repacked, the Pink Heart Mini can last an entire round at a party. All you have to do is roll a fatter joint depending on how many people you want to smoke out.

Pink Heart Mini

Stealth Silicone Bong

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Let’s just hope that if the accident involves a bong, it’s the  Stealth Silicone Bong. Built from shatter-proof silicone, this bong is nearly indestructible. This 13-inch straight shooter features a wide base for stability, a thick mouthpiece, ergonomic grips along the chamber, and a glass bowl. If you’re looking for a piece that will get all of your dinner guests flying high, the hard rips from this bong will get the job done quick. The Stealth Silicone Bong easily comes apart into two pieces so you can quickly rinse it out and pack it in your bag after the party is over.

Silicone Stealth Bong

Portable Glass Bubbler

The  Portable Glass Bubbler is one of those things you don’t worry about if it gets broken or “accidentally” finds its way into your cousin’s bag, never to be seen again. That’s because this high-quality bubbler is just $4.20 and is small enough to bring along to your Thanksgiving celebration. Though the bowl isn’t too big, this four inch bubbler packs and smokes easily so even inexperienced smokers can give it a try. The curved neck of this Sherlock style bubbler gives this piece a classic look while also minimizing splashback. Choose between five vibrant colors: blue, yellow, red, green, or orange, each with a slightly marbled look and made with heat-safe borosilicate glass.

Blue Portable Glass Bubbler

Are you ready to celebrate the dankest Thanksgiving yet? For a larger selection of bongs and bubblers that are perfect for turkey day (and every day), head over to  Everything For 420.

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