Quick Guide to Throwing a Cannabis Wedding

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marijuana wedding guide
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With increased acceptance, pot lovers in legal states are more eager to incorporate cannabis into parties, events, and even weddings. The wedding industry has quickly embraced this change with wedding planners, venues, florists, and decorators willing to help clients create their dream cannabis wedding. The move toward weed weddings has been on the rise over the last few years with more and more people wanting to express their love for the green goddess with friends and family on their special day. Weed weddings don’t have to be trashy or cliché. Couples are finding creative ways to incorporate ganja in elegant and classy ways. These are just a few 420 wedding ideas to consider:

Cannabis bar

Most people associate weddings with an all night open bar, but not all couples or guests drink alcohol and some may prefer to get high instead. These wedding weed bars look and function like your typical bar, but instead of ordering a cocktail, guests work with budtenders to select a strain and can even get their bowl packed or joint rolled so there’s no sticky fingers. Budtenders are extremely knowledgable about weed pairings, effects, terpenes, and will educate 420 newbies so you don’t have anyone get too baked to function on your big day.

Weed wedding cake

One of the more stressful parts of wedding planning is deciding on the right cake. To keep your weed wedding cake on the more elegant side, think about incorporating subtle elements like CBD infused frosting, hemp napkins. While extremely tempting, it’s recommended to avoid creating an edible wedding cake. The varying effects, delayed onset, and difficulty in consistently dosing could lead to disaster. Instead, offer a small edible to guests as a parting wedding favor.

Marijuana florists

No 420 wedding is complete without pot floral arrangements. In legal states, florists have teamed up with marijuana growers to produce gorgeous cannabis bouquets and arrangements that make use of the leaves and flowers of the plant. Just imagine the smell! Pot leaves have an easily recognizable shape and pair well with roses and other flowers or can be used as greenery for table decorations. If you don’t want to be too over the top, but still incorporate the plant, see if your florist can use a few leaves and a nug as part of the groomsmens’ boutonnieres. Everyone will know who went to light up when their nug is missing at the end of the night.

Smoke and chill nook

One of the fun parts of throwing a stoner wedding is designing a space for smokers to unwind and chill. Some smokers may want to light up away from the party or main reception area and you can build the perfect nook that fits your color scheme. For the ultimate smoking spot, you’ll need comfy chairs or couches, plush pillows, a table with an ashtray, and some sort of shade if your wedding is in the daytime. Don’t forget to leave a stoner emergency kit on the table, which should include lighters, hemp wick, rolling papers, filter tips, and a rolling tray.

Cannabis wedding registry

Maybe you don’t want to incorporate pot into the wedding itself because well, your boss will be there. It’s totally rational if you love smoking pot, but don’t really want your guests to be stoned. No one likes getting stuck with cookware you’ll never use, so why not get a little creative and design a cannabis wedding registry. Some great ideas include luxury bongs, electric dab rigs, or top-of-the-line vaporizers.

CBD cocktails

Cocktails and weddings are synonymous, so keep with the theme by building custom CBD cocktails that party goers will want to take photos of and share. CBD is non-psychoactive and completely legal. The cannabis compound is used to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation without making the user tired, so this may be just what you need to keep your rowdy friends from arguing. Speak with your bartenders to create your cocktails and provide them with your favorite CBD oil.


Cannabis honeymoon

With more states legalizing pot, there are lots of options closer to home beyond spending your honeymoon in Amsterdam. Choose a city with loads of marijuana tours and activities to do, such as a pot museum, marijuana farm tour, edibles cooking class, wine and weed tour, or a ganja yoga class. Oregon, Colorado, and California should be at the top of your list. Spend your cannabis honeymoon at one of the many bud and breakfasts or at a cannabis-friendly hotel.

Other things to consider:

  • Marijuana-friendly venue
  • Consider food and cannabis pairings
  • Cannabis wedding rings
  • Edibles as party favors
  • CBD bridesmaids and groomsmens gifts
  • Marijuana farm photoshoot
  • Marijuana flower crown or hair piece
  • Hemp paper invitations or napkins
  • Attend a Cannabis Wedding Expo

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