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7 Must Do Cannabis Tours and Activities

January 31, 2020 4 min read

cannabis tours

Now that a rising number of states have legalized recreational cannabis use, tours and activities involving the green goddess are on the rise and very easy to find. Unsurprisingly, this type of marijuana tourism is extremely popular with out of town guests from countries and states with stricter smoking laws, but locals also get in on the fun. From cooking classes and bar hops to art, yoga, and grow tours, every kind of cannabis enthusiast can find an activity that peaks their interest. If you’re visiting the weed-friendly west coast, make sure to add these cannabis tours to your itinerary. 

My 420 Tours in Denver, Colorado

Since Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana (along with Washington), it’s no wonder that The Centennial State is also home to North America’s first legal cannabis tourism company. My 420 Tours in Denver regularly introduces exciting new tours and classes like Chronic & Cocktails, which pairs a distillery tour and mixology class with a necessary stop at a local dispensary. Any pot lover visiting Colorado should plan to stop at the International Church of Cannabis and marvel over the colorful psychedelic murals. If you were wondering, it is a real chapel that uses weed as sacrament and you’ll be going in high (of course) during the Cannabis & Beyond tour. This tour starts at a dispensary to stock up on the goods, then heads to the church for a multi-sensory guided meditation created to elevate the soul, before hitting up a hip eatery and bar to appease the munchies. The tour company’s most popular activity is the Sushi & Joint Rolling Class, where participants can master the art of rolling in all its forms. Need we say more? 

Church of Cannabis Denver, Colorado

MJ Tours in San Diego, California

This isn’t your typical morning smoke sesh. The Wake and Bake tour in sunny Southern California will guide you with step-by-step instructions to create your very own cannabis infused edibles so you can show off to your friends back home. The three-and-a-half hour tour includes breakfast and a stop at the dispensary before learning how to cook your very own 420 treats. MJ Tours also offers a fun filled Weed & Wine tour in the up and coming Ramona wine country just outside of San Diego. Light up before visiting three wineries and relaxing for an outdoor picnic lunch.

Pot Zero in Gypsum, Colorado

Are you interested in chemical free, organic, and sustainable weed farming? Pot Zero prides itself as being the first weed farm with no carbon footprint and a few times a year, they invite cannabis connoisseurs to a glimpse into their world. Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, this outdoor marijuana farm specializes in rare cannabinoids, high levels of terpenes, and medical strains related to pain reduction. During harvest season (the end of summer), visitors can walk through the fields right when the plants are full of sticky flowers and learn firsthand what it’s like to run an eco-conscious cannabis operation. Keep an eye out for farm tour dates when it gets closer to summer. Spots go fast!

LA Hemp Tours in Los Angeles, California

If you want to combine sightseeing with smoking, the Malibu Scenic & Coastal Tour makes it easy. Ride the 420 bus to a few dispensaries where you’ll have up to a 20% discount on herb before making your way to the star-studded Malibu coast. Along the way you can take some photos of the famous beaches and rocky cliffs, catch a glimpse of the world-famous surf breaks, and even take a short hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. LA Hemp Tours also offers a Budz & Sudz Tour for those who are already familiar with the city and just want to unwind with a joint and a few beers at two hipster micro-breweries.

Micro-brewery beer tasting

High 5 Tours in Portland, Oregon

Weed and the outdoors go hand in hand, so what better way to spend a day in Oregon than to take a 420-friendly tour of Multnomah Falls? The iconic multi-tiered waterfall is the tallest in the state and also the perfect backdrop for an Instagram story or two. A second stop is made at the scenic Vista House which overlooks the expansive Columbia River Gorge, where you will learn about the area’s history and take even more photos of Oregon’s beautiful natural landscape.

Bend & Blaze Yoga in Denver, Colorado

There is definitely no shortage of cannabis-themed things to do in Colorado, but this elevated yoga class should be high on your list. The Bend and Blaze Yoga class is held weekly at Cultivated Synergy, a unique industrial-style event space located in the trendy River North Art District. All the yoga teachers are also cannabis advocates, but lighting up is completely up to you. Take your practice to new highs with this hour-long class focusing on flow and breath among a group of like minded smokers.

Weedology Tours in Los Angeles, California

This cannabis tour company stands out because of its CBD-centric experiences such as CBD-infused beach yoga, a cooking class, and a specific CBD Tour. All of these wellness-focused activities are aimed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit via the cannabinoid’s extensive list of beneficial health properties. Even if you’re not into the CBD craze, Weedology also has more traditional cannabis tours like a music-focused bar crawl.

Do you need a travel-friendly smoking accessory to take along on your cannabis tour? Visit Everything For 420 for high-quality bongs, vapes, pipes, and more.

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