Best Way To Store Weed

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If you are one of those stoners that like to buy their weed in bulk or harvest a batch of marijuana themselves, there is so much information regarding what is the best and most necessary way to properly store your weed. When storing large quantities of ganja it is essential to know the basics and which weed stash containers are for you. Read further and take some notes because you’re about to gain some serious knowledge about how to stretch your bud for as long as you need!

Weed in a bag?

Most non-growers tend to store their buds in a bag, oftentimes plastic bags which are good for short term storage but will affect the taste and smell of weed over prolonged periods of time. When storing weed in a bag the trichomes of the bud will break off and not to mention plastic baggies do not mask the dank smell.

Store weed in glass jars

Glass is the absolute best way to store weed, and for years if you do the method properly! Glass jars can be found pretty much anywhere and keep the freshness of your bud while hiding the smell when closed. This is an easy cost-efficient method for storing weed and is pretty foolproof in terms of storage over time (we’re talking years). It is recommended that you store your bud to be at least 3/4 full in each jar to avoid too much air contamination. Remember, the tighter your weed is stored and sealed away the better chance you have of preserving that fresh smell that is also a sign of your weed holding up well. 

Your weed should still have some color to each nug if it’s been properly stored. If you notice discoloration or any changes in smell, make sure you are doing the following:

  • Store your weed stash container in a cool place, around the temperature you’d be comfortable to run central air conditioning (between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • If you do not have enough  bud to fill up 3/4 of the jar, use a smaller jar
  • Make sure your weed is stored in a dark place as sunlight can further dry it out and affect its longevity

Should weed be frozen for long-term storage?

As compared to refrigerating buds, freezing your weed stash is absolutely the best method for storing weed for long periods of time. Those that harvest their own weed will usually try to stretch it to next year’s harvest and maybe years after. Directly put your 3/4 filled glass jar into the freezer. Make sure your freezer temperatures are adequate and not going to produce that weird freezer burn because you can freeze off the taste of your weed if you freeze it incorrectly. Also important to note: when removing your weed from the freezer, make sure to thaw your batch out to room temperature before handling or else your weed will break and be similar to the plastic bag effect of trichome breakage.

Should I refrigerate my weed?

It is highly recommended that you do not refrigerate your weed as this can encourage mold growth and overall is not a good option when storing weed. By popular opinion, freezing your weed has always been a more efficient method because it can preserve the quality and slow down its decay. When in the fridge, mold is always part of a weed stash problem so it’s best to avoid this entirely.

There are a few things to prepare prior to placing your weed into storage. First, your weed must be dried and cured before placing it into the weed storage process. By curing your weed for at least four weeks, this will ensure the peak potency of weed and then can be stored properly while maintaining its freshness. Check out cheap weed stash containers you can hold your bud in at all times - grab a few, you’ll thank yourself later. What method do you think is the best way to store weed?

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