How To Roll A Joint: Step By Step Guide

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rolling a joint guide
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A joint is a classic way to enjoy cannabis and is one of the most cost-effective ways to smoke marijuana.  Share a joint amongst friends or have one to yourself after a long day - or before your day begins, we don’t judge. Many of us have smoked more joints than we can count, but surprisingly there are many stoners that do not know how to roll a joint. For the blessed ones that have always been able to have others roll their joints for them, or for those that are too intimidated to even try and don’t know where to begin - here’s a step by step guide on how to roll a joint. It may be daunting at first, but practice makes perfect! 

You’ll need the following:

  • Cannabis
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Papers
  • Crutch (the filter end you smoke out of)
  • Lighter 
  • Something pointy, like a pen or a bobby pin (there will always be random bobby pins wherever a female has passed through, check the floor) 
rolling tray setup

Step 1: Grind your cannabis strain of choice

To help your joint burn evenly and smoothly throughout, it is essential that your weed is properly grounded up. This makes it easier to pack into the rolling papers, and by using a grinder you will catch the stray stems that you can occasionally get. Stems contribute to making holes in your rolling paper so take a few seconds to check that there are no stems in your freshly grounded weed before you move forward with the next steps. If you are in need, check out our affordable grinders for you and a friend!

Step 2: Prepare your crutch

You can make a crutch (aka filter) from any type of thin cardboard or thick paper. Some rolling papers even come with a pack of filters. There are certain techniques to rolling a crutch, but the main goal is to roll a filter so that the grounded up cannabis will not pass through into your mouth. Your crutch will also serve as a guideline of how thick your joint will be. Once you roll your crutch, place it into either end of the rolling paper with the glued-edge side of the rolling paper is on top.

Step 3: Place ground up cannabis into joint

Gradually put your ground up weed into the joint. You want to pack it so that the width is even with the thickness of the crutch. Start adding weed along the middle line of the joint paper and start building from there. Usually, a half gram to one gram is ideal for a typical joint. However, you can pack your joint as much as you want. Tip: get short rolling papers if you don’t like smoking old joints. You won’t feel as bad for having to smoke a full joint if it’s not necessary, and you can also roll baby joints for on the go!

Step 4: Start packing your joint

Once your weed is placed into your joint, it’s time to pack it so you can securely roll the joint. Holding the joint, you will want to start curving the unglued end of the rolling paper in towards the middle line of the rolling paper with your thumbs. Again, to pack a joint securely, you will want to match the amount of weed in line with the thickness of the crutch. It makes this step a lot easier. Another way to ensure this step is done properly is to gently form the opposite end of the crutch (where the joint will be lit) and secure its shape towards the crutch end. When it feels secure, wrap the crutch side first to the inside of the rolling paper and work your way out. You’ll have to adjust the weed sometimes but that’s normal! No one rolls joints perfectly every single time, but you’ll get better at this with time.

Step 5: Finish the joint

When you’ve rolled the joint into the crutch end, you’ll secure the glued edge with your saliva and pack it tightly over the paper. Don’t use too much saliva, but just enough so that the paper will stick together evenly. Like you would apply a bandaid around your finger, wrap it as tightly and evenly as possible. Work towards the other end of the joint and line the glued edge with your saliva throughout the joint to the tip. Once your joint is rolled, flip it to the crutch end and tap it on a flat surface. This will even out any spaces in your joint. Use a pointed, thin object (like a pen or a bobby pin) to pack the end of the joint to be as tight as you can make it. You should leave a little space at the end of your joint so you can twist it and secure the joint easily. Voila! You’ve just rolled a joint.

side view joint

Rolling a joint takes a bit of practice, patience, and persistence. Try using rolling trays to keep the rolling process a bit more organized. If you're more of a visual learner, watch this video and try your attempt at  rolling a joint with Too Short. The more you learn how to roll a joint, your muscle memory will take over and it will become a typical routine you’ll no longer dread. There’s a reward on the other side! A nicely rolled joint for you to enjoy. What’s your best memory about rolling and smoking joints?

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