Munchies: Best Midnight Munchies Snacks

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Two In n Out burgers for the munchies
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Let’s be real, not everyone gets the munchies when they smoke pot, though the stoner stereotype still exists. But when those midnight munchies hit, they hit with a vengeance (especially when you’re couch locked and don’t want to move). This list covers a wide range of foods from fast food favorites to snacks you already have in the pantry and will help you quickly decide which of the best midnight munchies snacks to eat after smoking that fat blunt.

Fast food midnight munchies snacks

Taco Bell

Always at the top of any list of stoner foods, Taco Bell has won the hearts of potheads with their stoner-friendly marketing campaigns and cheap eats. Top picks are the Crunchwrap Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, XXL Grilled Stuffed Burrito, and the Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa.


If you happen to have a sweet tooth, many Dunkin’ locations are open late and some are even 24 hours. Dunkin’ had a total overhaul in recent years with an extensive coffee menu that rivals McCafé and tons of new non-donut options like bagels with cream cheese, breakfast sandwiches, an amazing $3 avocado toast, and hash brown bites. There are also healthier options like the veggie egg white omelet sandwich and snack wraps. When the munchies call for something sweet, give the new stuffed bagel bites or the donut holes a try.


Born out of the Lone Star State, this growing fast food chain is perfect for a case of late night munchies since all locations are open 24 hours. Be ready to feast on favorites like the double decker patty melt, honey bbq chicken sandwich, and the very Texan green chile double cheeseburger. Once 11pm hits, the breakfast menu is also available including breakfast platters, egg and cheese burritos, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and more!


Nothing spells the munchies like a midnight McDonald’s run. Chicken nuggets and chicken strips are stoner go-tos, but don’t forget about crazy combos like fries dipped into a McFlurry or the land, sea, and air burger. The cashier might look at you in confusion if you order the last one at the counter. To create this ultimate munchies snack, you’ll need to order a Fillet-O-Fish, Big Mac, and a McChicken then stack them up with or without the extra buns.

Best “homemade” midnight munchies snacks

By homemade, we really just mean warmed up in the microwave or baked in the oven for 10 minutes. But hey, it’s one step up from gas station snacks or fast food right?


Pizza in any form is at the top of the stoner snack list. Whether it’s a frozen pizza, Bagel Bites, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, or just a tortilla with tomato sauce and cheese. Not only is the last idea budget friendly, it takes just five minutes to bake in the oven and comes out like a crispy thin crust that always hits the spot, especially after smoking a bowl. Be sure to add all of these pizza ideas to your next munchies grocery list so you’ll be stocked up and ready to chow down after your next smoke sesh.

Chips and dip

Handhelds and dippables are a pothead’s best friend. Chips and salsa or chips and any kind of dip are a sure winner to appease the midnight munchies. It doesn’t require any preparation whatsoever, but you will have to pry yourself off the couch to visit the cupboard. Stoner favorites include the hint of lime tortilla chips with a fresh salsa, 7 layer dip, smoked ahi dip, pita chips and hummus, tortilla chips with guacamole and just your favorite type of potato chips.


Looking for a healthy munchies snack? The munchies can hit hard sometimes, but it’s not the best feeling to wake up bloated and stuffed with junk food. Fruits like diced watermelon, grapes, and any kind of berry are great healthy alternatives for late night cravings. 100% juice gummies are also a huge crowd pleaser.

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