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Pot Culture In Portland

December 03, 2021 4 min read

Portland Oregon weed
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If you’ve ever been to Portland, Oregon you’ll know that there is a lot to do no matter what time of year. From a longstanding list of local breweries to dining through food truck paradise, Rose City is known for much more than lush forest landscapes and positive hipster vibes. Recreational cannabis was legalized in 2016 and ever since the pot culture in Portland has been thriving. So what exactly does the pot culture in Portland look like and what can you look forward to when taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest? Let’s dive in and get a good list of cannabis-friendly activities on the agenda!

Can you smoke pot in Portland?

Of course the answer is yes, but there are some legal boundaries that stoners should follow. Anyone over 21 years of age can legally consume marijuana and buy anything cannabis-related in dispensaries throughout the state of Oregon. While it is illegal to smoke marijuana on public property or within public view, for the most part as long as you have an appropriate amount of space from others most people are not bothered by the smell or act of smoking pot. Oregonians like to have common courtesy and lighting up on the street where a child might be is definitely considered inappropriate and frowned upon. But if you and a buddy are at Mt Tabor park with no one around and would like to smoke a joint while enjoying the outdoors? The culture overall in Portland is laid back so finding private zones to smoke and just exercising common courtesy goes a lot further in PDX than most major cities.

How many dispensaries are in Portland, Oregon?

There are weed dispensaries opening and closing by the day so to be on the safe side, the pot culture in Portland is so integrated into the city that you can find a dispensary within a few miles of one another. If you are in NW or downtown Portland, obviously you might not get the best deals so venturing through SE Portland is a vibe on its own. Visiting a few local food trucks and walking straight into a dispensary to buy some joints to light up on your hike later is just a typical day in Portland. Not too bad of a life to live, huh?

Cannabis-friendly spots in Portland?

While there have been many bed & breakfasts, Air Bnbs and lounges dedicated to delivering stoners an exemplary cannabis experience, due to the COVID-19 pandemic many have permanently closed. The name of the game to pot culture in Portland is following the vibes and knowing when to light up and when not to. About to go watch a Blazers game and would rather pre-game with a joint than a beer? You and about half of the people attending will be high so think of that way when visiting Portland. Almost everyone is high and can appreciate a good bong rip. It is verycommon to smell the sweet scent of Mary Jane wherever you go in Portland, so whether stoners are lighting up an actual joint or toking discreetly on a vape pen, there is always someone within a few feet from you in PDX that is high or about to be!

If you’re looking to make friends with other cannabis consumers in Portland, most will discuss in casual conversation or be brought up at some point - there are too many stoners in the city for everyone to not find one another! The pot culture in Portland is constantly evolving to meeting and connecting with other cannabis enthusiasts allows more knowledge and fun experiences to share.

Is weed cheap in Portland?

While weed is a lot cheaper than most major cities in the United States, there are still many dispensaries specifically in Portland that will cost you a pretty dime. It is best to do your research prior to visiting a dispensary as there are so many dispensaries to choose from with specials running all the time. Most dispensaries do online ordering and curbside pick-up which makes a Portlander’s dispensary run done in record time! Going the online route might rob you of the in-person budtending experience, though, so we suggest going into a dispensary if you are not from the area just to get a better idea of what is available. It is important to note that most dispensaries only take cash and will be cheaper for you to have cash on-hand versus taking out at the local ATM. Depending on how much weed you are planning to buy, $100 will take you a long way if you are smart about specials and daily deals!

Pot culture in Portland

Most nights in the city of Roses consist of eating at a new local food spot, visiting an art show or shopping for some rain gear and boots to get you through the wet season. Fun fact: Portland has some of the best happy hours around and are honored every day of the week! Pot culture in Portland continues to expand everyday with many entrepreneurs creating incredible opportunities in the cannabis world. Are you convinced of taking a trip to Portlandia to brunch it up high AF all weekend? Don’t forget to grab your smoking essentials and maybe a cool weed pipe to bring with you as a travel companion! Waking and baking in cozy sweater weather vibes will have you putting your best lofi Spotify playlists on repeat.

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