How To Use A Glass Blunt

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As the smoking community evolves, smoking devices and accessories have been reinvented to make smoking easier and more fulfilling. The glass blunt, also known as the glunt, is one smoking device that has become more popular and for a reason. When users learn about the glass blunt, there are many questions surrounding how to use a glass blunt and the benefits. Read on to learn the perfect technique on how to use a glass blunt and whether you should be adding one to cart as soon as possible.

Are glass blunts healthy?

Glass blunts are definitely much healthier than typical paper or tobacco wrapped blunts due to the materials used. When smoking a blunt with common blunt papers, the materials of that paper are being consumed as well. Glass blunts are healthier because similar to glass pipes, you’re not inhaling toxic materials besides some good ole ganja. While a classic blunt just hits different and is necessary sometimes, glass blunts are a healthier alternative that can be used daily without worry! Glass blunts will also save you some serious cash with its ability to reuse. 

Do you have to fill a glass blunt?

Preparing a glass blunt is much easier than preparing a typical blunt because beyond grinding up some weed, you don’t have to do much! Sometimes preparing a paper wrapped blunt can be cumbersome and not a task many enjoy. Easily fill a glass blunt as many come with tools to make things as simple as possible, and you are good to go. 

Usually, a glass blunt has parts like a glass tube, a rubber cap, a twisting feature that will pack the flower and disregard the ashes for a clean toke. There is a metal cap with holes at the end that function as both a filter and mouthpiece that is meant to be smoked out of.

To fill a glass blunt, do the following:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece that also has the screw twist part attached as well. 
  2. Fill the glass tube with ground bud while making sure to keep the rubber cap attached. It helps to prevent the flower from spilling out and is essential to the next step.
  3. After filling the glass blunt with ground bud, take the long screw tool and twist (counter-clockwise) until it is packed tightly. 
  4. Remove the rubber cap and get ready to smoke!

How do you hit a glass blunt?

Hitting a glass blunt is pretty easy, and you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers either. All you have to do is make sure your bud is lit on the opposite end of the side you are inhaling, and you’ll visibly see ash start to form. Feel free to twist the screw in a clockwise direction to empty the ash once you’re done to add some fresh bud in and get right back to it.

Why use glass blunts?

Glass blunts have so many benefits that are pretty obvious but need to be mentioned to really drive in how beneficial glass blunts can be. As mentioned previously, glass blunts save money since you don’t have to maintain a supply of rolling papers and filters at all times. This alone is one of the best benefits to using a glass blunt as it will save you way more money than you might think, smoking supplies really do add up!

Besides cost efficiency, glass blunts save time and effort too. While many are blessed with experience and skill in rolling blunts, most do not want to spend their time preparing the perfect blunt when glass blunts exist. Glass blunts are great to use when you can’t be bothered or don’t have the time. It might take a few tries to get the screw step down but once you do you won’t be looking back. 

Glass blunts are also extremely travel-friendly and very easy to clean, making it the perfect travel companion whenever you need to. The cleaning phase is pretty straightforward and the screw tool helps the ash completely clear. No one wants to spend their time cleaning up a mess after getting high AF, and since all the parts come apart it is easy to deep clean. Just run some water and soap through the glass blunt and it will look brand new. 

Best glass blunts

Are you convinced that you need a glass blunt? If you are into glass pipes and glass bongs, add more glass to your collection for a more versatile smoking experience. Now that you know how to use a glass blunt, think about how much time and money you’ll save. Better yet, use that to buy you and a friend some cool glass smoking accessories with the moola you just saved!

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