How Will CBD Gummies Make You Feel?

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You’re looking for a way to begin or end your day on a good note, relax and unwind those muscles physically and mentally, and overall stimulate your mind and body to be your best self. Does this sound too good to be true? It is not, and you can have this effect through the consumption of cannabidiol, or CBD. If you’re wondering how will CBD gummies make you feel, you’ve come to the right place to learn all about the magical little gummies that can enhance your mood and overall well being. 

What do CBD gummies make you feel like?

To be clear, CBD is not like THC where a psychoactive effect takes place, also known as that stoner high. CBD does take anywhere between 15-45 minutes to take effect and will not have a “high” effect, but will produce a sense of calm and relaxation throughout the mind and body. There are some CBD products like full spectrum CBD that have some THC since it contains all compounds of the cannabis plant (hence full spectrum). Keep this in mind when buying CBD gummies in case you need to be mindful of what type of CBD is best for you.

CBD can be taken in various forms, but specifically CBD gummies have become popular for how convenient it is to consume as well as properly dose with portioned servings. Most can take a few gummies throughout the day to have a prolonged relaxed feeling while still being functional. The best part about CBD is that you do not get stoned but rather feel a natural sense of calm, so a lesser version of a stoner high and without the heavy stoner eyes. 

What effect does CBD gummies have on the body?

There are many reasons for using CBD and specifically using CBD gummies. Beyond relaxing, CBD is used to treat chronic pain like inflammation and illnesses like anxiety, depression and insomnia. The common denominator in having any or all of the aforementioned is needing to find relief. One of the most natural ways to do this is to consume CBD, which is why CBD has become a go to in treating epilepsy. CBD has become an excellent alternative to treating and reducing seizures in epileptics versus taking pharmaceuticals that can have serious side effects on the body and especially the brain.

How does CBD make you calm?

CBD works with a person’s endocannabinoid system and interacts in a way that produces a serotonin-like effect on the mind and body. CBD and THC generally have a positive effect on the consumer because of the positive reaction in the endocannabinoid system. When a person has a “bad high” with THC, it is actually the body’s endocannabinoid system having an adverse effect with the THC receptors. Fortunately, CBD is always there to come to the rescue and can help anyone having a bad high. If you are too high and take some CBD it should bring your high down significantly so you can have peace of mind that CBD is always an option when you smoke a bit too much. 

How long does a CBD high last?

Depending on how much CBD is consumed, it comes down to how much a person weighs, tolerance to CBD if a regular or new consumer, whether taking on a full or empty stomach, etc. Generally, a CBD high for a recommended dose can last anywhere between two to six hours. If taking 5mg of CBD and comparing how long that effect will have compared to taking 50mg of CBD, there is definitely no comparison that the 50mg high will last longer and be stronger. If starting your CBD gummy journey, start out with the recommended one dose on the packet and work your way up every 4 hours if you do not feel a difference. Eventually, a tolerance will build up and the easiest way to microdose is to do it via gummies so you can get into a simple routine.

Can CBD gummies get you high?

CBD alone cannot get you that stoner high but it can get you a natural and relaxed feeling that mimics a high and that is good enough for most CBD consumers looking for a sale alternative to unwind. Beyond CBD gummies there are CBD tinctures, CBD drinks, CBD bath balms and more. Gummies are an easy way to pack into a hectic schedule and a simple reminder to take a second for yourself. Pop one or two gummies in and let the good vibes kick in, you won’t be looking back to your old life without them. Check out the best CBD gummies and other travel-friendly CBD products that are waiting to get out and adventure right along with you! 

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