How To Make A Joint Burn Slower

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joint burn slower
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Are you tired of wasting weed and wish to make your joint burn slower? Do you find yourself finishing joints much faster than your homie next to you and unsure why? There are many ways to get a joint to burn slower, and in retrospect it is not the first thing you think of when rolling but it is definitely what you are thinking of mid-smoke sesh! Here are a few tips of how to make a joint burn slower and little things you can do to make your joint last just a little bit longer!

How to make a joint burn slower?

Grind your weed finely to make a joint burn slower

One important aspect when rolling the perfect joint and promoting slow burning is the way you grind your weed. It is essential to make sure your weed is grounded up properly so that it can be distributed evenly throughout the joint and ensure slow burning. Evening out the amount of weed in a joint does wonders for how it burns when you light it up!

To grind your weed properly, make sure you have a reliable weed grinder that you know will evenly grind your weed so that you can properly pack it into the rolling paper. Be sure to check out the top weed grinders for herb at our Everything for 420 online headshop.

Rolling papers that help joints burn slower

Indeed, the kind of rolling papers used definitely matter! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, any type of rolling papers are sufficient when you are trying to get a smoke sesh in. But if you have the opportunity to plan ahead for slower burning joints to enjoy longer, rolling papers is one of the biggest factors to how to make a joint burn slower!

elements hemp papers

There are different types of rolling papers that vary in the type of materials used. There are specific brands that make rolling papers specifically for slow burn, like the Elements Hemp Papers that produce little to no ash and guarantee a slow burn! You can find a huge variety of best rolling papers and get much better deals at an online headshop than you will at your local dispensary!

Use honey to make a joint burn slower

A popular trick many stoners use is honey when sealing their joints. The honey reacts to a joint in a similar sense you’d imagine molasses to work in real time, where it completely slows down the burning joint. The trick with this method is to add conservatively and in moderation, because it will not work if you douse your joint in honey (as tempting as it sounds!) - lightly add a bit of honey near the tip of the joint and see what works best for you.

Pro tip for the veteran stoners: you can lightly add honey around the outside of the joint and roll it in your leftover kief! No matter how fast or slow that double whammy joint will burn, you will be LIT from the inside out!

Roll joints tightly to burn slower

We’ve all been there before, where we’ve smoked a pretty poorly-rolled joint and it goes out every few puffs and most likely done in a few puffs too! If you want your joints to have a chance at burning slowly (and evenly), you’ll want to roll your joint tight without major pockets of air throughout - this goes back to grinding your weed properly!

Please note: joints should not be rolled too tight to the point where it is difficult to puff on. When rolling a joint it is very easy to clog the crutch thus making inhalation more difficult, so try not to roll a joint too tight and it is not smokeable! 

How to roll a joint guide

There are many ways to prevent your joint from burning too quickly, and let’s be honest, a slow burning joint really makes all the difference when trying to get high and set the vibes! Make sure your smoking supplies are helping you out and not making your job in rolling a joint too difficult when it doesn’t need to be. Kick things up a notch and learn how to roll a joint step by step guide to stay on top of your game and become the MVP of your stoner homies!

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