Best Grinders for Herb

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black weed grinder

After a lighter, grinders are one of the most highly sought after smoking accessories. Since grinders are one of the tools you’ll be using the most, it makes sense to invest in one that is high quality and will last. Luckily, most people are polite enough not to pocket a grinder like they do lighters. 

Why use a weed grinder

If you’re one of those people who think tearing up your bud manually is sufficient, then you probably haven’t used a good grinder before. To get the most out of your weed, a smooth burn is crucial and that can only be achieved if what you’re smoking is uniform. Whether you are smoking dry herb from a pipe, bong or joint, a grinder comes in handy.

In addition to creating an even shred, using a grinder also means no more sticky fingers. All the trichomes (the part with the highest concentration of THC and CBD) that used to be wasted on your hands are captured in a special compartment in grinders that have a kief catcher. A kief catcher is a screen that lets just the trichomes fall through. This separation allows you to control the exact amount of trichomes you add back into your joint or bowl each time that you smoke. Grinders with multiple compartments can also be used as a storage container for prepared weed. This way you’ll always have some weed on hand that’s ready to smoke.

Silver Four-Piece Grinder

How to use a grinder

Weed grinders come in a few different styles, materials, and sizes, however the most common is the manual rotary grinder. The two-piece variety is the most rudimentary with just a lid and bottom with sharp teeth on both sides. All grinders no matter the design, function in the same way. Here's how:

  1. Break down the big buds into smaller pieces that fit in between the bottom teeth of the grinder. 
  2. Replace the lid and start turning. It will take a good ten or more turns to fully shred the herb. If the grinder has holes, keep turning until all of the weed has fallen through into the second chamber. 
  3. If the grinder has a kief catcher, it will take a few uses to have enough to scrape out and smoke.
  4. Pack a bowl, roll a joint, and enjoy!

If you want to upgrade from a manual style, electrical grinders are praised by smokers for creating an even more consistent grind with less effort. These grinders work the same, but after loading the weed, all you have to do is press a button and sit back as the grinder does its thing.

From heavy duty four-piece grinders to mini or travel sizes, there are quite a few different options on the market. We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the best grinders so you can compare features and weed out the doozies.

Banana Brothers Otto Grinder

So you’re into smoking joints and pre-rolled cones? Then this electronic grinder is just what you’ve been missing! The Banana Brothers Otto Grinder is made specifically for filling cones with its smart grinding technology. Just place a cone in the transparent holder in the base, add your weed of choice to the grinder in the top, and press the on button. That’s it! This high-tec grinder will always create the same perfect consistency, while filling the cone at the same time so you can light up in mere seconds. No more turning.

Banana Brothers Otto Grinder

Pink Cali Crusher Grinder

California is known across the globe for having some of the dankest weed around—OG Kush anyone? Show off your undying love for the west coast with the Pink Cali Crusher Grinder. This four-piece grinder is made from medical grade aluminum and is bright pink so you’ll be able to quickly find it at the bottom of your gym bag. Effortlessly collect trichomes with the removable kief catcher, which also makes cleaning up a breeze. Just like its hometown, the Cali Crusher brand is renowned for putting out accessories of the highest quality. You won’t be disappointed.

Pink Cali Crusher Grinder

RNM Grinder

Whenever you need a pick me up, just turn on your favorite multi-dimensional traveling duo and pull out the RNM Grinder to complete the vibe. This 48 mm grinder evenly shreds your herb nice and fine while also separating out any fallen trichomes thanks to the built-in kief catcher. Are you in for an exciting surprise? If you choose this herb grinder, you’ll be randomly given one of six designs featuring scenes from the hilarious animated hit series Rick and Morty.

RNM Grinder

Dubs Grinder

The Dubs Grinder is perfect for anyone who wants to have their weed ready to go at a moment’s notice. With a large center compartment to store freshly ground herb and a nifty side opening to reach it, you can quickly pack a bowl without any unscrewing. The durable hand crank at the top folds down flat, making the grinder compact for simple storage. You can quickly check to see how much weed you have and watch the grinder work via multiple windows. This weed grinder is available in six shiny colors that will match the rest of your smoking accessories.

Blue Dubs Grinder

Revolver Grinder

For less than $5, you can’t go wrong with the Revolver Grinder. Like the name suggests, this 40 mm accessory resembles a fully loaded cylinder from a firearm, giving it a unique look. This herb grinder is well made with top quality material, dual chambers, and a magnetic lid so you don’t have to worry about accidentally losing your weed. The built-in kief catcher also comes in handy when it’s time to add in those potent trichomes. You won’t have to play Russian Roulette when you spin this revolver because you’ll have the same perfectly shredded weed every time.

Revolver Grinder

Familiarize yourself on how to choose a grinder on the blog, or check out our online shop for more herb grinders and cannabis accessories.

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