Cool Cheap Smoking Pipes

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cool glass pipes
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Nothing gets a stoner more excited than new smoking supplies, especially a nice new bong or a fancy weed pipe. But have you ever surprised a stoner with bargain budget picks? If you have, you’ve been witness to their uncontained excitement for a new piece without dishing out a pretty penny for it. Every stoner knows that for every dollar you save in smoking supplies can be put directly towards getting more dry flower or concentrates. Check out these cool cheap smoking pipes that are must-haves!

Cool Cheap Smoking Pipes

Box Steamroller

box steamroller

Looking way more expensive than it actually is, the Box Steamroller is a beautiful 3.5-inch weed pipe that really gets the job done. With many color options to choose from, each style has its own design that is unique, mesmerizing, and guaranteed to get you high. With a deep bowl, this glass pipe plays no games so you best be ready to get baked. For a whopping $4.20 you can go ahead and splurge on you and your friends without having regrets!

Double Bowl Playground Pipe

double bowl playground pipe

Have you ever seen one like it? The Double Bowl Playground Pipe is a masterpiece that is ready to get you twice as lit! A 5.5-inch pipe made of borosilicate glass, there are two bowls ready to be packed and smoked to get you high in half the time. With a unique design and tapered mouthpiece for easy inhale, this is the ideal pipe you need to get the party started and keep it going. This is a great conversation starter and depending on your mood, you can decide whether you want to share or not! Grab one for your next road trip for less than $15. 

Komodo Glass Pipe

kamodo glass pipe

If you need a simple smoking piece with a little bit of flare, the Komodo Glass Pipe is a great choice when you want to stick to the basics but still get high like an OG. This 4.5-inch classic spoon glass hand pipe offers three finger grips for easy handling, especially when using on the go. Made of shatter-proof borosilicate glass, this weed pipe will be your most reliable bestie when traveling. Available in various colors, choose which is your style and light it up you won’t be looking back!

Silicone Dino Pipe

silicone dino pipe

Still feel like a kid at heart? If you enjoy kicking it back to childhood activities, you must get the Silicone Dino Pipe - I mean, it looks like a dino made out of playdoh except you can smoke out of it! Say no more and count us in. This 7.5-inch pipe is made from durable silicone with a metal smoking bowl to handle the heat! Light up the dino’s behind and inhale through the top of the dino’s head, you’ll be laughing at how it looks but boy will you feel it a few hits deep! Silicone dino may look harmless but if you smoke enough he will smack you sideways. For under $25 you’ll have a virtually indestructible pipe that you can always count on!

Nebula Pipe

nebula pipe

Now hear us out about the Nebula Pipe - this might look simple and not much to offer, but the quality is hard to beat and this is considered a cool cheap smoking pipe based on all of that plus its functionality and ability to get you LIT. This 4.5-inch pipe might look pretty small but the build of this is what matters here. Made of hand blown glass with a deep bowl for packing heavy hits, the weight and feel of this smoking pipe is phenomenal and stands in a category of its own. Its simplicity is refreshing but the quality experience it provides is the real winner here. For less than $25 you can easily get the best pipe of your life!

Silicone Sax Pipe

silicone sax pipe

Don’t know how to play an instrument but always wanted to? Add this to your smoking pastime in weed pipe form with the Silicone Sax Pipe. This 5.5-inch pipe is made from durable silicone and virtually impossible to damage. This reliable weed pipe is sturdy with gripping points for easy handling, and enjoy a widened mouthpiece that provides extra cushion for a better smoking experience. With a glass bowl to handle the heat, this pipe almost looks like a bong but is travel-friendly and ready to play sweet nothings for you mid bong rip. This is a cool pipe for the clumsy stoners that break everything and in turn can’t have nice things. 

There are many cool smoking pipes that will get you ridiculously high and show you a great time without having to shovel out last week’s paycheck. Look for durable glass, heat-resistant silicone or other materials that help keep your smoking pipes in pristine condition. Be sure to check out more cheap cool weed pipes so you can be ready to get high anywhere anytime! 

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