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How to Do Vape Tricks

July 03, 2020 5 min read

blowing os

There’s no doubt you’ve seen at least a few videos of impressive vape tricks and wondered how difficult it can really be. If you’ve ever tried and didn’t get too far, you’re not alone. Smoke tricks are actually very hard and most people can’t even do a single trick, so don’t be ashamed to show off your skills (and maybe even teach others) once you get it down. A large subculture has grown around smoke tricks and there’s even professional vapers, yup, you heard that right. They get paid and sponsored to travel the world creating new smoke tricks and routines in front of audiences. Even if you’re not planning to go pro, mastering vape tricks is still a ton of fun.

How do you do vape tricks?

How to Blow Smoke Rings

Rings are probably the first smoke trick you’ll want to learn since it’s a classic, plus it’s extremely versatile and needed for some of the more advanced tricks. There are three different ways you can blow rings. All of these various techniques take some practice to perfect, but soon you’ll be blowing symmetrical “O’s” and moving on to cooler tricks that build upon rings. These are the methods for how to blow O’s:

  • Throat contraction (cough method) - After inhaling, make your mouth into an “O” shape and push the smoke out as if you’re doing a little cough by contracting your throat. Leave your tongue down and out of the way. Don’t blow or forcefully exhale and keep your lip taught. It helps to make an “oh” sound when you contract your throat.
  • Cheek tap - Similar to the technique above, form an “O” with your mouth, but instead of pushing the smoke out using your throat, tap your cheek to create a small burst of smoke.
  • Tongue push - Follow the same steps as the other techniques, but this time use your tongue to propel the smoke outward with a forward push. The tongue method and the cheek tap are used when you need to make lots of rings on a single inhale.

After you’re able to blow rings perfectly, you can try to do more complex tricks that use smoke rings like blowing one ring into another, pushing the “O”, double or triple rings using your fingers, the impressive jellyfish, or the bull ring (see below).

How to Ghost inhale

If you want to do a trick and look casual at the same time, the ghost inhale is where it’s at. This is one of the best vape tricks since it’s simple to master and can be used as a connector between difficult tricks. Open your mouth and let the smoke float out. Don’t exhale or try to push the smoke out because the smoke will dissipate and get away from you. When the chunk of smoke floats completely out of your mouth, quickly inhale it back through your mouth like it was never there in the first place, hence its association with the paranormal.

Dragon smoke trick

Doing a perfect dragon is really hard since not many people are able to exhale through their nose and mouth at the same time. Try to see if you can do this first before attempting the full dragon. Once you’re able to do the dual exhale, pinch the center of your lips together by bringing your bottom lip a little over your top lip while still leaving openings at both corners of your mouth. This allows the smoke to shoot out to either side, while two more streams go downward out of your nose. This one is super difficult to do, but if you get the hang of it, this trick looks amazing!

How to French inhale and bane inhale

This smoke trick is one of the coolest to watch and not too difficult to do. Simply take a large inhale and open your mouth just enough until the smoke seeps out. You don’t need to exhale at all. When the smoke starts escaping from your mouth, inhale through your nose. If you want to take it up a notch, try the Bane inhale. This trick uses the same technique as the French inhale, except you smile and leave a gap for the smoke to exit so your teeth get in the way of the smoke. If done correctly, the smoke will pass through the notches of your teeth and make little streams as it’s being inhaled through the nose, replicating the comic book character’s iconic mask.

Bull ring

The bull ring requires that you first master blowing smoke rings. To create the bull ring effect, you’ll need to blow an “O” and inhale it through your nose or have a partner inhale it so half the ring is inhaled, looking like you have a huge septum nose piercing.

Easy vape tricks

Smoke tornado trick

This simple smoke trick is so easy, everyone can do it after a few tries. Find an empty table or flat surface and hold a large inhale in your cheeks. Put your mouth right next to the table and quickly exhale the smoke so it remains on the table. Then use a flat hand to create the tornado effect by scooping the smoke from the outside in using one sweeping motion. The smoke will start spinning on its own or you can scoop it directly into your or a friend’s mouth. You can also skip the inhale and gawk over how cool it was until it dissipates.

Shotgun smoke trick

You may have seen this one done at a college party. The most basic shotgun is just blowing smoke as someone else slowly inhales it, but smokers have gotten creative with variations on the original. For example, it’s possible to do a double ghost, where both people do a ghost inhale so that the smoke touches each other and is then inhaled back in. Shotguns are fun in a social setting or with a date or couple. The only thing to remember is to keep between two and five inches from the other person you’re blowing smoke to. The trick doesn’t work if you’re too far away.

If you’re in need of a vaporizer to start learning how to do smoke tricks, check out our online headshop for a vape pen and vape batteries that match your style.

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