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best beaker bongs
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Even though Summer 2020 has not been what any of us expected, as part of the cannabis community it is our duty to enjoy anything and everything to the fullest. The best way to salvage the rest of summer is to bust out the best bongs! Check out this list of cool beaker bongs to have you flying high through the rest of summer. 

Astral Bong

astral bong

If you’re looking for some elegance to add to your water pipe collection, the Astral Bong is it. This large beaker bong stands at 16 inches high with a uniquely shaped chamber that curves inward and adds versatility to your coffee table. With a splash guard and gorgeous color to accent any room, the Astral bong is one of those beaker bongs that is both beautiful and functional. 

Lit L Mermaid

mermaid bong

Bring back all the nostalgia with the Lit L Mermaid bong and light up with an Ariel-inspired piece. At 13.5 inches high, this water bong boasts a well-endowed Ariel with fiery red hair while her beautiful tail wraps around the downstem of the bong. This beaker bong will give you under the sea vibes if you can’t get yourself to a beach, so fill her up and get lit while watching the movie to really get in the mood.

Minion Beaker Bong

minions bong

Add another item to your collectibles with the Minon Beaker Bong. This large beaker bong features a life-like minion surrounding a transparent beaker base that is also very sturdy. This beautifully crafted piece makes it easy to pull large, smooth rips so much that you’ll need to include in your weekly rotation. This bong will have you and your friends reminiscing and wanting to have a Despicable Me marathon. 

Colored Cone Bong

cone bong

Another beaker bong that keeps things nice and simple yet adds a twist of elegance is the colored cone bong. Standing at a foot tall, this water bong not only looks incredible but it pulls some excellent hits too. With an inline percolator and a deep, mystic purple accent that resembles crystal, this cheap beaker bong will get you zen AF and more. 

Outer Dimensional Bong

rick and morty bong

Calling all Rick and Morty fans! The Outer Dimensional Bong is an absolute must if you cannot get enough of this iconic duo. This 13.5-inch water pipe is a perfect match for those weekend Rick and Morty marathons and will keep you going as long as you need to! Get weird like you never have before and elevate to another dimension with this beaker bong, you won’t regret it! You’ll never be able to watch Rick and Morty the same, we can guarantee that.

Rainbow Sherbert Beaker Bong

rainbow bong

You’ll be proud to be passing around the Rainbow Sherbert Beaker Bong! This one-foot beauty has the perfect gradient of sherbert colors that you can’t help but smile and think of rainbows and butterflies after taking a hit. This bong looks simple but delivers a packed punch, and with a built-in splash guard, you can take as many monster hits as you want! This beaker bong is functional and so beautiful to look at - consider this one a keeper in your rotation.


szong bong

Saving the coolest for last, the Szong is a crowd favorite and probably one of the coolest beaker bongs on the market. With a unique s-shape, this zong style bong has a beaker base for maximum balance and is truly a piece of art to look at. This 16-inch beaker bong is transparent throughout with a black downstem and mouth cover. Easily watch the smoke build throughout the bong and travel up in a slow spiral, and with a long downstem, you can ensure large and heavy hits. This beaker bong is also under $100 so you won’t have to break the bank trying to level up your beaker bong collection!

Beaker bongs are some of the best and easiest types of bongs to use and maintain. With a wide, sturdy base that every clumsy stoner appreciates, you can count on beaker bongs to be reliable and last you a good while. Check out the headshop for more cool beaker bongs for sale today! Which one is your favorite?

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