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Summer is in full swing, y’all! The bongs are overflowing with that good ganja, the munchies are completely stocked - but with COVID making its rounds again, we need to take caution regarding our fun. What better way than to set you up with something fun to watch? We’ve already covered the best stand up comedy specials to watch high, but we had to make another list to kick off summer properly. Here’s a list of the best stand up comedy specials to watch while blazed out of your mind!

Tiffany Hadish: Black Mitzvah

We’re starting this list off strong with Tiffany Hadish - prepare yourself to have an accidental ab workout from her hilarious Black Mitzvah special on Netflix. Miss Hadish rehashes old memories from her childhood and sagas of hustling to the top - she even has a story about peeing in an Uber! Her energy is high level and we are living for it, we think an edible is super appropriate for this viewing. 

Jo Koy: Live From Seattle / In His Elements

If you especially love Filipino culture, Jo Koy will have you rolling on the floor. Jo Koy has a few comedy specials that we recommend checking out, but you catch Jo Koy: Live From Seattle and Jo Koy: In His Elements on Netflix. Jo Koy cherishes his Filipino side and endearingly roasts his mother while telling hilarious tales of his childhood and growing up with a Filipino mother in America. His most recent special is based in the Philippines so it was a truly special moment for him to go back to the motherland and perform for his people. Even if you know nothing about the Philippines, this is the best way to learn! Let’s play a game and take a few bong rips every time he makes a joke about his mom, you’ll be high out of your mind. 

Dave Chapelle

After senior comedian Dave Chappelle took a decade-long hiatus out of the public eye, he returned stronger than ever with back-to-back sold-out Netflix specials. There are four Netflix specials released in 2017, and another in 2019. Each covers different topics and although a bit outdated compared to recent comedy specials, Chappelle’s raw approach to controversial scandals and societal topics is a hard combination to balance yet he does it effortlessly. Check out Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin and Deep In The Heart of Texas then go from there! It goes without saying that you should be high before, during, and after all Dave Chappelle shows. 

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers is exceptional in his Netflix comedy special. Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby shows Meyers in his newly found paternal lifestyle and talks about how his wife “Lion King’d” their own baby. One of the most interesting aspects of this comedy special is how Meyers uses a unique Netflix feature that allows you to skip the politics portion if you wish. Sometimes it’s nice to unwind with a joint and pure comedy of day-to-day adulting that is relatable and Seth definitely does just that. 

Amy Schumer: Growing

Amy Schumer is so likable and is highly relatable to the average woman. If you haven’t already, we recommend her first Netflix special, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special before diving into Amy Schumer: Growing. Her latest Netflix special is a spin-off from the former and shows Schumer bursting with pregnancy glow yet she still maintains her raunchy humorous self. Schumer does a great job of staying true to herself while embracing motherhood and all of the unknowns she will experience as a first-time parent. We recommend grabbing the bong and the munchies for this one because you won’t want to leave the couch.

Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

Everybody knows and adores Ellen DeGeneres, so it’s no surprise that her Netflix special, Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable was a success. This special covers Ellen’s journey in comedy and the trials and tribulations she dealt with navigating to the top. As a gay female in comedy, she broke all barriers and reinvented standards in the industry to be more inclusive to the LGBTQ community. If you can’t get enough of this big blue wide-eyed comedy genius, you’ll especially love hearing her life story through her own words. 

Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millenial

This isn’t her latest material on Netflix but Iliza Shlesinger: Elderly Millenial is definitely a comedy special you can’t miss. Shlesinger is so dang funny as she talks about being a newly engaged woman at 35 and how she got there. Her awkward sex stories and the flat out truth every woman experiences when dating is what will keep you laughing for a straight 72 minutes. You can also watch her other Netflix specials, Unveiled and The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show for her most updated content.

Bonus Picks

Chris Rock: Tamborine

Fary Is The New Black

Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats

Tom Segura: Disgraceful

Donald Glover: Weirdo

What other comedy specials have you been enjoying while getting high? Let us know if we missed any classics!

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