How to Choose a 510 Vape Battery

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Vaporizers are a popular portable way to smoke on the fly. Most stoners today own at least one type of vape in addition to their usual home setup of glass bongs, dab rigs, and pipes. Whether you’re looking for huge clouds or chasing the perfect tasting vapor that gets the most out of your bud, a customizable 510 vape battery is the way to go.

What is a 510 Vape Battery?

Don’t let the fancy name get you confused. Nearly all vape pens and vape mods are 510 vape batteries. This means that almost all vape cartridges and all vapes are compatible. The number refers to the amount and the size of the threads on both the battery and the cartridge. 510 thread is now the industry standard and if you end up with one of the 1% of vapes with a different thread, it will often come with a 510 adapter. While smokers refer to it as a vape battery, it is technically the entire vape device excluding a cartridge. 510 thread vape batteries work with vape juice, THC oil, or CBD oil and are not compatible with flower or other types of cannabis concentrates.

What to look for when buying a 510 vape battery


The main thing you want to consider when choosing a 510 vape battery is the power. This includes the mAh, voltage, and if the voltage is variable. Most e-cig style slim 510 vape pens have around 3.3v with larger box mod vape styles having more voltage output. Variable voltage vapes give the user the option to change the voltage settings to customize the vaping experience. Many 510 vape batteries (like the ones listed below) have at least three power settings to choose from. Don’t forget to also review the mAh. The higher the number, the longer the battery will last on a full charge, however the battery life will also depend on the atomizer setup.


510 vape pens are activated either by holding a button or by simply inhaling, called an auto draw. An auto draw vape battery is the most popular since the device is ready to hit whenever you are. The activation type really comes down to personal preference though it does take a few hits sometimes to get full vapor production.

Disposable vs non-disposable vapes

A disposable vape has a pre-filled, non-removable cartridge and no buttons or charging port since they are meant to be thrown away after the cartridge is empty. The battery in a disposable vape is harmful to the environment so please recycle them properly if you choose to invest in one. Non-disposable vapes on the other hand either come with an empty tank that can be refilled with oil or can be used with single-use tanks that are available at any dispensary. These vapes come with a charging cable and can be used over and over again.


Are you an experienced smoker looking to get more out of your vaping experience? Choose a powerful vape mod that you can customize to fit your smoking style, needs, and personality. Vape mods still have a 510 thread, though unlike a vape pen, they can be modified. Stoners are able to play with different atomizers, tanks, coils, and more to get their preferred amount of smoke and flavor.


Do you like to smoke while hiking or out and about during your daily routine, or do you typically vape at home or in the car? The size of your 510 thread vape battery will affect portability, so keep your smoking style in mind. Some people prefer to keep their vaping discreet. If you like smoking on the down low, choose a mini vape. Some vaporizers like the Airis Mystica II are just 1.5 inches tall!

Where to buy a 510 vape battery

Here at the Everything for 420 online headshop, we have a large selection of vape pens and vape mods for sale that are compatible with any 510 thread cartridge. These are some of the best 510 thread batteries for cartridges that we have in stock right now.

  • Wooden Pipe Vape Battery - It may look like an old school wooden tobacco pipe, but this design is made specifically for 510 vape cartridges. Pre-heating takes 10 seconds and the 900 mAh battery will last all day long. This variable voltage battery lets you choose from three heat settings (3.0v, 3.7v, or 4.2v).
  • EF420 Vertex 510 Vape Pen - For those that would rather spend money on bud or cartridges, then this $4.20 vape is for you. This cheap vape has adjustable voltage, a 350 mAh battery, slim design, five colors to choose from, and an included USB connector for charging.
  • Airis Mystica III - This vape mod kit has a stylish minimalistic design and is just two inches tall! The mini vape features an oil level window, 350mAh battery, three voltage settings, charging cable, and two adapters so you can smoke every vape cartridge out there.

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