How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

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Wondering how to pass a urine drug test in an hour and if it’s even possible? Are you in a pickle because your employer says you’ll be drug tested? If you are an avid marijuana user, it is understandable that you might feel stressed in trying to figure out how to pass a drug test when weed is in your system, especially since you were probably about to buy a bong online too. Find out the various ways to get around this stressful situation and how to pass a urine drug test for weed. With a few tricks and a quick prayer you should be good to go! Let’s get into it.

How to pass a urine drug test

As we all know, marijuana can take on average 30 days to flush out of your system as compared to other drugs companies normally test for. There are many factors that involve the likelihood of testing positive for a drug test, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Metabolism and body fat
  • Amount/Frequency of smoking marijuana
  • Gender
  • Exercise/diet

Basically, the more you smoke the more likely you will test positive on a drug test because it will take much longer as compared to an occasional user. Infrequent users can test positive for the first one to three days, while heavy smokers will have weed in their system for over a month or more. The more body fat you have, the longer it will take to leave your system as cannabinoids cling onto body fat longer - this in turn makes it more difficult for women to flush their system as compared to men since women naturally have more body fat. Also, exercising helps with detoxing as well so the more active you are the easier it will be. 

Dilute urine sample

One of the most popular ways to pass a urine drug test is to drink water! We’re not talking about a glass of water right before - we mean guzzling water consistently the second you find out a drug test will ensue. By drinking too much water, urine gets diluted and there is a bigger chance of the drug test becoming negative or at least no result. It is important to note that sometimes drug testing centers will require retesting if they do suspect it has been severely diluted. However, with most general company policies, the likelihood of that happening is slim unless there are heavy consequences to a positive test - for example, an athlete or pilot.

Fake urine

You may have wondered how to make fake urine to pass a drug test and if this is a valid option. This is not the most ideal tactic but it has worked, especially in legal states where it is a known thing that almost everyone in your city is a stoner. Ask around the next time you are at your local dispensary, or quickly look online for trusted fake urine sellers. Try to order ahead of time so you can prepare yourself for this process, but some companies do rush overnight delivery if it comes down to that.

When implementing this strategy on testing day, you’ll need to keep the urine bag warm. To do this you can place underneath your armpit or in your pants near your groin. This is an important step as it is essential to mimic natural urine including its temperature. Make sure to read the directions on the fake urine you purchase but with a few YouTube videos and Reddit forums you should be well on your way!

Detoxification methods

There are a few detox strategies to take as well, water being one of these options. Depending on how much time in advance you have to prepare for a urine drug test, there are detox kits to help you speed up the process of flushing THC out of your system. Similar to fake urine, detox kits can be bought online but please make sure to do your research to know what each kit contains. 

Increasing your diet with healthier foods that are rich in fiber to kickstart your system and exiting your body. If you’re feeling feisty you can always take a laxative or herbal detox tea but please remember that you have zero control over taking a laxative - do not overdo it! Increasing your exercise to sweat also helps with detoxification so get that body moving! The goal is to flush toxins from your body so taking a steam bath or doing a high intensity workout as often as you can will do the trick.


Now you know how to pass a urine drug test, but there are no guarantees as each individual is different. The best advice is to try and consistently detox (even without notice of a urine drug test) so that you will always feel prepared. If you’re more interested in knowing how to pass a urine drug test naturally, taking tolerance breaks can help to break up the amount of weed in your system. Consider taking a pause in your stoner routine and think about the bigger picture if you find yourself getting tested often. We hope these tactics can help or at least jumpstart your creativity in flushing that weed out! What is your tried and true method of how to pass a urine drug test?

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