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Vaping has been around for a while and vaporizers are constantly getting upgraded to keep up with the modern smoker’s lifestyle. That means higher vapor output, small, portable sizes, and a long lasting charge. Whether you’re looking for your first vape or a more advanced pro or custom model, a 510 battery is still the most convenient choice. Here’s the basics about 510 thread batteries and a few of our favorite models.

What is a 510 thread battery?

420, 710, 510, stoners love their three-digit numbers. The battery got its name because of the ten 0.5mm threads on one of the very first vape batteries designed by eGo-T. This became the industry standard and now any number of 0.5mm threads are still considered a 510 battery. Even though this specific kind of battery has been around since the early days of vaping, it has evolved to fit modern trends and styles. Unlike the name implies, a 510 battery is much more than just a vape battery. It is a complete vape device that is ready to charge and smoke once you add a cartridge. 510 thread batteries are only compatible with THC or CBD vape oil cartridges, not dry herb or THC concentrates like wax or shatter. Most of these cartridges are pre-filled for single use and can be found at any weed dispensary. Today, most vaporizers, from discreet vape pens, to larger, more powerful luxury vaporizers use the 510 battery.

Where to buy 510 thread battery

The online vape shop, Everything For 420 has a variety of 510 thread batteries and vape accessories at unbeatable prices. Your vaporizer is delivered with free, fast, discreet shipping straight to your doorstep. The inventory is always changing, so check back often. These are the hottest 510 thread batteries right now:

Three Airis Mystica II 510 batteries

Airis Mystica II

You won’t find a cuter vape than the Airis Mystica II. This tiny vape measures just 1.5 inches tall and easily fits in the palm of your hand and even the smallest of pockets. The vaporizer comes in five colors including iridescent rainbow. Weighing in at less than one ounce, this small vape is ultra portable and extremely discreet. Even though it has a petite size, this vaporizer runs off of a 450mAh battery and can be used even when charging. These characteristics make it the best rated 510 thread battery on our site. The best thing? It’s on sale for 30% off! If you want the newest version, the Airis Mystica III has a sleek, upgraded design, but is a bit larger than the former model, measuring in at two inches.

Kind Pen Discreet rose gold 510 battery

Kind Pen Discreet

The Kind brand is known for their top-notch vaporizers that don’t break the bank. The Kind Pen Discreet is the best 510 thread battery for cartridges and charges up in ten seconds or less. It comes with a refillable cartridge so you can buy e-liquids in bulk and save hundreds of single use cartridges from ending up in the landfill. Simply refill the 0.8ml wickless ceramic chamber with your favorite THC or CBD oil and don’t forget to bring the bottle so you can top up while away from home. The vaporizer uses a strong 650mAh battery that will easily last all day and comes with a USB cable for quick charging.

Leaf Buddi Ceto V2 Vape Mod

Leaf Buddi Ceto V2 Vape Mod

This is one of the newest custom vape mods and it’s getting huge praise from smokers. The Leaf Buddi Ceto V2 Vape Mod sports a powerful 2500mAh rechargeable battery with three power levels so it’s compatible with nearly every type of tank and vape cartridge out there. This pro vaporizer features a rubberized outer layer with a colorful illustration of Einstein. At just $24.20, this limited edition vape won’t be around for long.

Airis Tick 510 Battery white

Airis Tick 510 Battery

While not the most elegant of designs, germaphobes love the Airis Tick 510 Battery because of the magnetic lid that protects the mouthpiece from getting dirty while in your bag or glove compartment. Because of the lid, this weed vape pen can easily be mistaken for a lighter to prying eyes. It uses a 650mAh battery that’s charged with a micro USB cable and has three voltage settings to choose from.

Leaf Buddi TH 420 Vape Kit blue

Leaf Buddi TH 420 Vape Kit

This small, travel-friendly vape is two inches tall and can slip into a small purse or drawer with ease. It uses a 650mAh A-class battery with short-circuit protection and is compatible with all 510 tanks, making it the best 510 thread battery for oil. The Leaf Buddi TH 420 includes a refillable c-cell vape cartridge and a window to view your e-juice level so you know as soon as you need to refill. The full vape kit comes in white, blue, or black and also includes a magnetic 510 adapter and micro USB charging cable.

Looking for an online vape shop? Look no further. Our online headshop, Everything For 420 has the latest 510 thread batteries, vape pens, vape mods, vape accessories, e-rigs, and more.

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