How to Buy Good Weed

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Have you ever walked into a marijuana dispensary with no idea which bud to choose (plus an unhelpful budtender), so you pick one with a cool jar, just to go home and find out that it’s horrible? With the endless options of pot on display at dispensaries, it can get very confusing to differentiate good weed vs bad weed and most people have had at least one experience that didn’t meet expectations. Bad weed will more than likely still get you high, though it will be harsh and won’t have a great flavor. But is it worth investing in a $50 eighth when there’s a $20 eighth of the same strain? Does more THC mean better bud? What are the little magnifying glasses on the jars for? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, then this article is for you. Luckily, it’s simple to buy decent pot and if you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a true “cannaisseur”.

Check for visual cues

Start off by analyzing the trichomes. This is where the little magnifying glass on the jars comes in handy. The trichomes are the plant’s resin glands, which have a salt or tiny crystal-like appearance and may even look wet. They should be a milky-white, not clear (harvested too early) or amber (harvested too late). Remember that the more salty-looking the flower, the better the bud. In addition to the trichomes, compare bud size because here, size does matter. When it comes to differentiating good weed from the bad, you want to choose the giant nugs. Large, fat buds mean the plant was healthy and grew in prime conditions. Steer clear of small nugs or anything that resembles brick weed. The color and dryness are other visual cues to look for. While marijuana flowers come in many different hues, like orange or purple, always stay away from an excessively brown or dry nug. As cannabis cures it naturally loses chlorophyll and will turn brown, but a very dry-looking bud may be a sign of old weed and possibly mold.

Do the smell test

Great bud is called dank for a reason. The complex aromatics of top-shelf flower is all thanks to the terpenes that are created naturally by the plant. The scent and flavor of all plants come from terpenes, which are affected by various factors when growing like weather, soil, nutrients, and even the time of day. Smell is the best indicator of quality pot. Most cannabis jars at dispensaries will have little holes so you can do a quick test. Dry herb with a good flavor profile will have a mix of terpenes, which gives off a strong, pungent odor. Marijuana comes in a diverse range of scents like the fuel-like smell of Sour Diesel, but you want to choose the one that has an overpowering, strong aroma.

High THC vs low THC

Don’t get distracted by THC levels since it is not indicative of top-notch flower and high THC alone makes for a one-note, less enjoyable high. You may wonder then why an ultra-high THC strain is $20 an eighth, while a top-shelf weed with 18% THC (or lower) is $60. This is because THC isn’t the only thing that makes smoking ganja enjoyable. A diverse range of terpenes and a mix of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) are both important for a multi-layered, full-bodied smoke sesh with excellent effects. This variety of effects produced when smoking actually has a name, the entourage effect. So potency shouldn’t be the only thing you base your choice on unless you’re specifically looking for a high THC strain for medicinal purposes.

Cookies Mag Jar Weed Storage Container

How to store weed

Always check the harvest date on the package and steer clear of anything harvested more than six months ago. Since most people buy more than they’ll smoke in a single sitting, having a good container and keeping your bud in the right conditions is key, especially if you’re a grower with large quantities. Storing your stash correctly is just as important as buying good weed. If not stored properly, the flavor profile will degrade rapidly and the material will smoke poorly. The main thing to watch out for is mildew and mold, so look for an airtight container. Keep your pot in a cool, dark place, free of humidity, and you can puff away on the same herb for a long time. The freezer is a great place to keep your bud if you know you won’t be touching it for months or longer.

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