Differences in dank, mids and reggie weed

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If you’ve ever been to a marijuana dispensary, you’ll know that there are three tiers of cannabis strains to choose from: low-shelf, mid-shelf, and top-shelf bud. There are major differences between each tier of marijuana strains including price and marijuana quality, but there is something for everyone! Read more to learn the differences and which cannabis flower is best for you, your budget, and your need to get high. 

What is low-shelf flower?

Also known as schwag, reggie weed, or bottom-shelf cannabis, is exactly what it sounds like. For many users that have a small budget for their bud, bottom-shelf flower is their go-to because it is much more affordable than mid-shelf or top-shelf flower. There are many strains that get priced as low-shelf flower that will still get you baked, it just won’t be nearly as great in quality, or bad weed, since it’s most likely nearing its expiration date or needs to get sold quickly. Some strains of reggie weed contain THC content as high as 18% and although your high will not last as long, you will get a nice reggie weed smell buzz.

Low-shelf flower appearance and smell

Most bottom-shelf flower will have a musky or old smell, along with browner tones in color. Often brittle to the touch, low-shelf flower is usually dry and is just not that attractive. You’ll also find many stems and seeds, also called ditch weed, which if not removed can make you feel queasy. Many dispensaries prefer not to have low-shelf flower options to avoid compromising quality standards. However, a broke stoner highly appreciates a more affordable option so ask your budtender for more information about their lower-level selection and why it is low-shelf. 

Low-shelf flower effects

Smoking reggie is more enjoyable for first-time users and newbies since marijuana tolerance is low quality weed or nonexistent. When regular cannabis plant users smoke weed low-shelf flower they will most likely not get very high, and often feel nauseated. Low-shelf flower is best for those that do not need a high THC content or do not have a high THC tolerance but it will not be as smooth as smoking a higher-tiered flower. 

What is mid-shelf flower?

Mid-shelf flower, or mids, is definitely not low-shelf quality but not as potent as top-shelf strains either. There is a wide range of midgrade weed to choose from and is a great choice when purchasing legal weed in bulk as you have a better chance of getting the best bud for your buck. 

Mid-shelf flower appearance and smell

When evaluating mid grade weed, smelling the cannabis (if possible) is the best way to any weed strain. You should be able to smell different terpenes and identify them - are they tangy like lemon or sweet like a strawberry? If you are unable to smell cannabis strains, there are a few visual signs to take note of.

Mids are airier in appearance and should also have frosty trichome tips throughout each nug, but not as much as a top-shelf strain would. You’ll notice random orange hairs in mid-shelf strains and that’s a telling sign that it is a proper mid-shelf pick. Many times, mids can pass for top-shelf bud in many dispensaries which speaks to the quality and best bang for your buck in terms of what you’re getting. 

Mid-shelf flower effects

You should get a fairly decent high when smoking mid-shelf flower, as it is closer in comparison to top-shelf strains versus low-shelf strains. Since there is a wide variety of mid-shelf flower, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what type of high you should expect. More times than not, you will be smoking mids weed and each high can last a good while when smoking a decent amount. 

What is top-shelf flower?

Also known as dank, top-shelf flower is the king tier of all cannabis strains. The dankest of them all, top-shelf flower takes the ranks in terms of appearance, potency, and quality overall. Top-shelf cannabis strains are extremely expensive, oftentimes exceeding over $100 for an eighth - sheesh! But if you have the cash, top-shelf weed is the absolute best you can get and well worth splurging on.

Potency and appearance are definitely the easiest to spot in top-shelf flower, with very frosty trichome colors and an extremely loud weed smell - in the best way, of course! Even if you are unable to identify certain terpenes in a strain, top-shelf bud has a very nice aroma no matter what so always trust your nose. 

Top-shelf flower effects

Obviously, top-shelf strains should exceed all other strains in terms of high effects and how it makes a user feel. Dank weed strains should absolutely get you high immediately and last a while since you are paying for the highest quality on the market. Some consider dank weed to be a better option in the long run because you often use less of an amount as compared to strains that don’t get you as high.

Overall, it is obvious that each tier of cannabis strain has significant differences. Quality, potency, and price point are three important factors when deciding which shelf of flower is best for you. Mid-shelf is definitely the best option and you have more choices to choose from, too! If you’re still unsure, check out what cannabis strains are best for you for some excellent mid-shelf and top-shelf recommendations. Are you a low, mid, or top-shelf flower type of stoner?

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