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With online dating websites and dating apps, thousands of potential love matches are now available at our fingertips. Some believe that dating apps have had harmful effects on relationships and how we date, however there’s no doubt that they have also made it easier to find other nearby singles, whether it be for a quick hookup or something more serious. To make it even easier to find that special someone, many dating apps cater to specific lifestyles, preferences, religions, interests, or other sought after traits.

Is there a dating app for stoners?

We’re glad you asked! High There is one of just a few dating apps for stoners that cater to singles in the 420 community. When using a weed dating app like High There, you can be sure from the start that all of your potential matches love ganja and will be accepting of your 420 lifestyle. There’s nothing worse than a date that turns into something more just for them to have an issue with smoking bud. High There is referred to as “Tinder for the cannabis community” and is one of the best 420 dating apps to try since it has the most users.

High There Review

High There is a Colorado-based startup launched by Todd Mitchem. He got the idea for the stoner dating app after one of his dinner dates was abruptly cut short as soon as his companion found out he smoked weed. Mitchem wanted to create a safe online space for single stoners to find each other, mingle, and date without judgement. You can assume that everyone who signs up for the app smokes weed. Mitchem’s original idea has now blossomed beyond just a weed dating app into one of the largest online cannabis communities and 420 social networks.

The High There 420 dating app is unique because it’s much more than just a way to find your perfect match. It’s a 420 social network and directory that doesn’t use matchmaking technology like other dating sites and apps. That means you’ll need to swipe through and vet profiles before reaching out to other users on your own to see if there’s a spark there. In addition to discovering love or your next hookup, you can also find stoner friends to smoke with on the weekends, learn about local cannabis events in your area, and read up on the latest product reviews on everything from new marijuana strains to the best vapes and glass bongs. Users on High There may be single or in a relationship (check their profile) and are from all walks of life. The only thing everyone has in common is their passion for the green goddess.

How does High There work?

When you first sign up, you’ll be asked the usual questions like your name and email to create a profile, however you’ll also need to fill out a series of questions about your smoking preferences so you can find your stoner match. Choose from indicas, sativas, or hybrids (you’ll be categorized into low, medium or high energy level) and don’t forget to designate your prefered method of consumption (smoking, vaporizing or edibles). You can select other interests you’re into like movies/tv, outdoors, gaming, food, or music and showcase what kind of date or interactions you prefer to have by clicking either chatting, going out, or staying in. Luckily, you’ll be able to change all of your answers at any time from within the app.

Once your account is set up, you can start swiping on other user profiles and making connections. Toggle to “nearby”, “everyone”, or “friends” to filter your results, add someone as a friend, and get matched. You can also find user profiles by posting a question or discussing a topic in the groups section. Think of groups sort of like a subreddit where you can spark up conversation on any topic (it’s a great conversation starter if you don’t know where to begin).

Finding stoner friends

While some users are single and searching for a relationship, many people may just be on the lookout for stoner friends to share a blunt with. Since this 420 site is about more than just dating, you can also use it as a social network by finding and adding friends. High There stands out from the crowd since you won’t have to worry about being shadow banned or censored because of sharing marijuana-related content. Post a video taking rips from your homemade dab rig, show off the giant nugs from your home grow, or unbox the mini bong of your dreams without fear of your posts being taken down. The swipe feature can also be used to find friends. Just be upfront so other users know you’re trying to find new stoner friends to do activities with and not a hook up.

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