Stoner Essential Smoking Accessories for 420

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stoner smoking essentials
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It is almost that time of year that every stoner impatiently awaits and that is our beloved 420 holiday! Beyond a full day of lighting up and celebrating cannabis in every way possible, 420 is a day for stoners to truly treat themselves and have an elevated smoking experience. Here is a list of stoner essential 420 smoking accessories that are absolute must-haves so that you can walk into the 420 holiday ready to roll to another dimension!

Rolling Trays

Every stoner needs a rolling tray, especially for 420 because that is all you’ll be doing to keep the party going! Here are a few rolling trays you can grab for you and some friends with the budget pick options. 

V Syndicate Mad Hatter Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray

v syndicate mad hatter glass rolling tray

Spark some creativity with the V Syndicate Mad Hatter Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray, a 6.5-inch tray made of tempered glass and durable enough to roll as many joints as you need. This Alice in Wonderland inspired tray is looking real trippy and it is the perfect way to kick off 420 in true stoner style. The V Syndicate brand gets rave reviews for fantastically made products and there’s no better guy than the mad hatter to ring in the best weed holiday of the year!

EF420 Metal Rolling Tray

EF420 metal rolling tray

The tried and true EF420 Metal Rolling Tray is the budget babe weed rolling tray of your stoner dreams! Choose between a seven-inch or an 11-inch tray and have all the room you need to roll some epic joints and maybe pack some munchies on there too. With raised edges to avoid spillage and a simple but iconic pot leaf design and EF420 branded, add this to your EF420 memorabilia and make it feel right at home! 

Stoner storage

Especially for holidays, the weed is flowing and must be bought in bulk. In comes storage for stoners that will help keep your stash fresh and available! Sure, you can have any glass jar but if we are on the treat yo self vibes here are the stash jars to grab for your precious ganja.

V Syndicate Illuminati Smart Stash

v syndicate smart stash jar

The V Syndicate Illuminati Smart Stash is one of the most epic smart stash jars on the market and most definitely an iconic accessory to have for the 420 holiday. Choose from 3-inch, 4-inch or 5-inch stash jars and you’ll be getting so much more than storage! This cool stash jar comes with a built-in grinder plate, a funnel to easily transfer your weed to the joint, a magnetic lid to keep the goods safe, and more. Humidity packets are included to keep your weed fresh so you can smoke and stash on the go.  Watch the jar light up and trip out more with every puff!

EF420 Plastic Doob Tube

EF420 plastic doob tube

Grab a few of the EF420 Plastic Doob Tube to stash your joints while you’re out and about. At five inches long you can fit a good sized joint in there and with an attached lid you can take a few puffs and save the rest for later! With two colors available, grab as many as you need to house your joints and protect your doobs. As the ultimate budget pick, these make great 420 gifts! You might not be able to get your bestie a tessie but you can definitely afford a few doob tubes and still show your appreciation.

Essential weed pipes

Some like joints while others prepare pipes and ripping bowls! Here are options for weed pipes that are great to add to your cart for 420 celebration items. 

EF420 Ceramic Mug Pipe

EF420 ceramic weed pipe

Longevity during the 420 holiday is what a stoner should aim for - smoking while trying to last all day long is no easy goal, unless you happen to have a wake and bake mug! Use the EF420 Ceramic Mug Pipe to wake and bake for the day while controlling how much weed you’re taking in. Sip on some coffee and take a small hit to slowly get yourself going! This is an essential stoner piece all year long so we suggest rotating this into your normal smoke routine.

All Squared Up Pipe

all squared up pipe

Are you ready to go? With this smoking essential the All Squared Up Pipe will have you ready to rumble in no time! A budget pick at $4.20 you can buy a few of these for friends to join in on the fun. This cheap glass pipe is everything a stoner needs to keep the high going. 


If you are a water bong lover and can’t decide which is essential to your 420 holiday this year, try these bongs that are stoner essential 420 smoking accessories and you are guaranteed to be flying high with no intentions of coming back to reality anytime soon.

Knotted Straight Shooter

knotted straight shooter bong

Are you feeling knotty? A disclaimer before smoking out of the Knotted Straight Shooter - this huge bong rips hard! At 19 inches tall this is a beastly big bong that should not be taken lightly. Look forward to high quality and fresh, fully flavored hits. This huge bong has a beautiful stained glass effect for a truly unique design and with a diffused downstem and ice catcher the hits will be cooled down and smooth for your enjoyment! Inhale through an extra thick mouthpiece and you’ll be shooting to the moon in no time.

Rasta Glass Mini Carb Bong

rasta glass mini carb bong

For less than $15 the Rasta Glass Mini Carb Bong is a lightweight mini glass bong that your wallet will appreciate more than anything. With classic red-yellow-green rasta colors, this mini bong is more than meets the eye. With a 2-in-1 downstem and bowl combined with a finger carb for better airflow control, this small bong is made of heat-safe borosilicate glass so the quality is consistent and you can enjoy this bong for a good long while.

Preparing for 420 is no easy task but with the stoner essential smoking accessories list have no fear and start getting creative with your setup! Don’t forget to browse the everything for $4.20 420 store for epic stoner deals that are hard to pass up for stoner essential 420 smoking accessories. Bong appetite and we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 420!

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