Craziest Homemade Dab Rigs

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cool homemade dab rigs
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Curious about how to smoke dabs without a rig? If you don’t have your own rig, you could always try to create a DIY dab rig or nectar collector before upgrading your setup. Since dab rigs require more tools and higher temperatures to use, they are a little harder to craft than a homemade bong. But if you have a water bong lying around and a compatible banger, you can simply swap out the bowl for the banger and dab in seconds. Some rudimentary homemade gravity bongs can be put together in just a few minutes with things that are lying around the house, but dab rigs are a little more complex. To create your own dab rig, it’s best to have a cheap quartz banger on hand in addition to the essentials that you can’t dab without like a dab tool and scorch torch. If you don’t have a quartz banger, there are a few other things you can use. Some homemade banger or nail ideas include using the metal end of a hose, an old coaxial cable (check your tv) or a screwdriver socket. Now that you have the basics, it’s time to get crafty. Here’s a few of the craziest homemade dab rigs from Reddit to get your creative juices flowing:

Effective DIY dab rigs for dabs

Beer bottle dab rig

If you’re able to cut glass, beer bottles and other glass containers like liquor, water or soda bottle make great homemade bongs or DIY dab rigs since there’s already a mouthpiece! This simple homemade dab rig uses a store-bought glass downstem and dab nail. To make your own, get a cheap downstem for $4.20, available in a variety of sizes on our online headshop.

Heineken Dab RIG with 3D Printed Adapter! (x-post r/stonerengineering) from r/trees

Homemade mason jar dab rig

Mason jar’s may be a hipster kitchen staple, but did you know you can make a dab rig out of one? Forget the jar salads and green smoothies because this DIY dab rig is easy to make even if you aren’t into crafts and no glass cutting is needed. Be sure to find a mason jar or any glass jar with a metal lid like the ones for pasta sauce. A cork lid also works and is even easier to cut. You’ll need to drill two holes in the lid, one for a mouthpiece and the other for the quartz banger. You can either purchase a glass mouthpiece or you can create one using a metal or glass reusable straw or small hose. Be sure to cut the holes just the right size so all joints are tight and no smoke will escape. Mason jars make great homemade bongs and dab rigs because you can drop in some ice cubes before sealing it up for chilled smooth rips.

Check out my DIY Mason Jar Rig! from r/trees

Whatever the heck this contraption is

This insane dab rig looks like it came straight from a science fiction movie. Somewhat resembling a bicycle pump, this recycler dab rig seems to stand at roughly two to three feet and has six recycler tubes! With the quartz banger, carb cap, and glass mouthpiece attachment, this homemade dab rig looks like it will perform spectacularly.

close to endgame from r/StonerEngineering

Caution: Never use any plastic objects like straws or pens to create a downstem or nail. The vapor gets very hot and even without being subjected to direct heat, the plastic will melt!

What can I use as a homemade dabber?

Have you ever grabbed your favorite wax and set up your dab rig just to find out that you can’t find your one and only dab tool? A dabber is key to maneuvering sticky concentrates so they vaporize evenly. If you already checked under the couch with no luck, try one of these makeshift dab tools.

  • Paper clip
  • Uncoated bobby pin or safety pin
  • Metal nail file
  • Small screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Or just cough up $4.20 for a cool dabber that will get the job done!

How do you dab without a banger?

Because of the high temperatures needed to vaporize cannabis concentrates, it’s important to only use objects or materials that are safe when heated to extremes. The best thing to do is stock up on quality quartz bangers or titanium nails, both of which start at less than $5. Never try to create a DIY dab nail or banger out of foil, copper, or other types of metal. If you don’t have a quartz banger on hand and really get the urge, stick to the following options.

  • Roll it around the outside of a joint or add it to your bong bowl for more potent rips.
  • Head to the kitchen and make some weed edibles instead.
  • Use a dab pen or nectar collector.
  • Make a DIY nectar collector out of a ballpoint pen.
  • Take homemade knife dabs by heating two butter knives using your stove.

Building a DIY dab rig not for you? Visit our online headshop for some of the best portable dab rigs, silicone dab rigs, and glass dab rigs along with all the dab tools and smoking accessories you could ever need.



How to make a homemade dab rig?

If you're looking to make a homemade dab rig you've come to the right place. In order to make a homemade dab rig, you'll need a glass mason jar with a lid. Poke two holes in the lid, one for the mouth piece, and one for your downstem and banger, and you're all set!

What can be used as a homemade dabber?

When setting out to creating a homemade dab rig, you'll need to find a dabber suitable for your new invention. Luckily, there are many household items you can use! You can use a paper clip, scissors screwdriver, nail file. Or check out our great selection of dabbers here at Everything 420!

How do you Dab without a Banger?

Due to the high temperatures required of a banger, it's important to only use materials that are suited for dabbing. We recommend stocking up on high quality quartz bangers, we sell them for less than $10.00, and their isn't many alternatives.

Why is it worth using quartz for homemade dab rig?

When making your own homemade rig, it's important not to cut corners when it comes to bangers. The bangers we sell are high quality quartz and can withstand high temperatures, so you won't get hurt while dabbing. If you're not into the homemade dab rigs, check out our great collection!

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