Get Spooky With These 5 Halloween Inspired Bongs

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pink skull bong

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. The weather is cooling down and it’s almost that special time of the year again. Lucky for you, witches and warlocks aren’t the only ones brewing up something special this Halloween. This year, forget the pumpkin spice lattes, candy corn, and trick-or-treating. Instead, celebrate the ghoulish holiday in style with one of our Halloween inspired bongs. Invite over some friends, pack a bowl, and you’ll be sure to have a blazin' good time.

Hollow Skull Bong

Nothing screams Halloween more than this iridescent  Hollow  Skull Bong. Watch everyone’s jaws drop when you bring out this baddie at your next Halloween costume party! Not only does the impressive 14 inch bong make a great table centerpiece, it also works as a functional costume accessory. The lifelike skull isn’t just for show, it acts as an extra-large chamber so you’ll get some long bong rips that are massive enough to take you over to the other side. Be mesmerized by the intricate spirals that wrap around the neck and descend to the base or take in the bubbling action through the semi-transparent skull. Keep your buddies close because you’ll be in for one hell of a night. 

Red Skull Bong

Quadruple Jellyfish

If you like your bongs as black and icy as your soul, give the Quadruple Jellyfish ago. Watch as the four black jellyfish percolators get to business filtering out contaminants and cooling down your smoke for some of the most comfortable tokes you’ll ever experience. Add ice to the built-in ice catcher for spine-chilling hits that are sure to wake the dead. Though perfect for Halloween, the iconic aesthetics of this 25 inch straight-tube bong will be in fashion all year long.

Quadruple Jellyfish Bong

Fire Beaker

Every mad scientist needs a bubbling chemistry set. Accessorize your Halloween costume with this beaker-style water pipe complete with a swirling fire inspired design and yellow base. Your little science experiment will generate lots of cloudy bubbles thanks to the  Fire Beaker’s deep red jellyfish percolator and diffused downstem. When you’re ready to move your experiment to the testing phase, the three-pinch ice catcher will cool things down so you can take gigantic hits that are still comfortable on your lungs. With this bong, you may just make a new scientific discovery.

Fire Beaker bong


This Halloween while the veil to the spirit world is thinnest, the powerful  Cerberus bong may just get you high enough to break through to the other side. Call on the ghouls and ghosts from the underworld to show themselves with this powerful six-inch mini bong complete with a thick green mouthpiece and splashguard. Three floating skulls accent the base and neck of the bong for an added touch of macabre while you’re getting blazed. The small size of this water pipe makes it easy to pack so you can light up no matter where your otherworldly travels may take you.

Cerberus halloween bong


Orange and black are the colors of the season, so why not stick to these iconic autumn shades while you’re lighting up. Fire up the night with this witchy  Corkscrew bong that has an amazing chrome-like appearance and will also match your Halloween decor. The shiny orange base and neck are translucent, while the black accents add a pop of fun and give the piece a luxurious feel. This eight-inch bong will bewitch you with its large stable base and multiple splash guards so you can rip it as hard as you like with absolutely no splashback. Hold onto your broomstick and new favorite bong because you’re about to fly high.

Corkscrew Rainbow Bong

The Ringer

It’s alive! Don’t be afraid to experiment with this giant 22-inch percolator bong. The Ringer looks like it came straight out of Frankenstein’s laboratory complete with all the filtration and cooling power you’ll ever need. Your friends will be stunned by the crazy aesthetics of this piece which features matrix perc, disco ball perc, two donut percs, three triple-pinch ice catchers, and an insane external recycler. The enormous and smooth hits that this bong produces might just be enough to wake the monster.

The Ringer bong

Look I’m a Bong

Whether you’re dressing up like Rick Sanchez for Halloween, or just planning to spend the night in front of the T.V., this bong is ready to be your partner in crime.  Look I’m a Bong features the face of everyone’s favorite alcoholic mad scientist submerged underwater in the chamber base. At seven inches tall, the Rick and Morty inspired water pipe is portable enough to take with you on your adventures across the universe. The curved neck and purple mouthpiece are there to save the day from dirty splash back reaching your mouth. Pair the bong with our matching  rolling tray and it’s time to get schwifty in here!

Look I'm a Bong

Take your spooky smoke outs up a notch with a new water pipe that fits the occasion. Trust us, there’s no better way to spice up a Halloween party or accessorize your costume. For the entire month of October, use code OCT19 at checkout for an additional 10% off all of our 420 products including our Halloween inspired bongs collection.

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