Best Marijuana Strains for Energy

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strains for energy
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The ongoing question everyone has for the year 2021 is: will this year be better? No one knows, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep it moving and make stuff happen for ourselves, right!? Now is the time to jump-start passion projects, fall in love with a new hobby and more. But sometimes you have no extra gas in your energy tank to commit to activities that might very well be beneficial to you. So what is the solution? WEED! Always. Here is a list of the best marijuana strains for energy you most definitely need to be puffing on so you can start crossing off your forever to-do list. 

Best marijuana strains for energy

As you know, sativa and indica strains are extremely different from one another, so how you feel will depend a lot on what kind of Mary Jane you’re toking. The best marijuana strains for energy are usually sativas that provide a classic head high without producing a heavy effect on the body the way indica does. Be aware of what kind of cannabis strains you are consuming so you know what kind of experience to expect!

Green Crack strain

Although Green Crack looks like an indica strain it is actually a sativa-dominant weed strain that is sure to pump some energy through your body. Many users rave about how hyper-focused they feel after smoking Green Crack, and it is said that its parent strains are a combination of Skunk #1 and an unknown Afghani trace. The citrus scent and smell will send your taste buds over the moon. While this marijuana strain can sometimes be lower in THC percentage compared to other sativas, veteran stoners like Snoop Dogg beg to differ and claim Green Crack to be highly potent. If you need to wake TF up quick and be productive, Green Crack also helps with anxiety and depression. Talk about multi-functional! Just make sure not to smoke this marijuana strain too late at night, they don’t call it Green Crack for no reason - you will be up deep cleaning your room and organizing your glass bong collection until 5AM if you do, just a fair warning. 

Durban Poison

Originating from South Africa, Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain that is known for its extremely dank scent. This is not a strain to be smoking discreetly as it produces thick smoke and will leave a trail. The effects of Durban Poison are described as what you’d feel after drinking an espresso, which is definitely the boost of energy we are always looking for. Since this is pure sativa you can expect nothing more than a crazy cerebral high and never have to worry about getting sucked into the couch or  that heavy feeling all over your body. Top tip to new stoners: ease your way into this cannabis strain since it is 100% sativa. You might feel overanxious and get the jitters. Without overdoing it, Durban Poison can really amp up the days you need to whack out chores and get a bunch done happily stoned!

Super Lemon Haze

A cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that smells just as beautiful as it looks. Not for novice smokers, this marijuana strain is best for relieving any pain or discomfort like migraines since it has a pretty high THC content. With a citrus aroma and flavor, this is a fan favorite purely for its great taste and even greater high. If you are experienced enough to take on some Super Lemon Haze, you can look forward to an extremely productive high and a big boost of energy. But this type of high also comes with a huge case of the munchies too so make sure you have some snacks on deck!

Sour Diesel

Although the smell and taste might be a bit off-putting to some, Sour Diesel is one sativa-dominant strain that can also balance out with a body high real nicely. Getting its name from the smell and flavor profile, Sour Diesel has high THC contents up to 22% so be prepared for an equally heavy body and mind high that is accompanied by an energy boost to be more creative. Since this is sativa-dominant, it might make some users feel out of control or a little jumpy so use with caution. 

Jack Herer

Many like the feeling of a nice head rush when taking a hit and Jack Herer never disappoints. The nice and equal balance between cerebral and body high will instantly relax you, and will soon follow with feelings of inspiration and creativity so you can carry on with your day in a productive way. Most users feel very active when smoking Jack Herer so this is a great wake and bake or afternoon pick-me-up type of cannabis strain. We are sure your friends will more than support smoking some Jack Herer and deep diving into a fun new project!

Marijuana for energy

Sativa-dominant strains are an excellent way to get a quick burst of energy to continue dealing with your responsibilities, even when life gets a bit crazy. Whenever you are feeling down or in need of that second wind, these strains will be your go to! Make sure to check out these cool glass bongs so you can get high in style and make the most of the day!

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