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If you are a lover of a good bong rip, you’ll know that water pipes take a sort of art form of their own when it comes to design. There are many water bongs available on the market today, including but not limited to beaker bongs, percolator bongs, silicone bongs, small bongs, huge bongs and more. At EF420 not only do we appreciate a water bong’s functionality but we also consider the design as an essential aspect in choosing a new bong. The most unique water bongs are those that contain special features whether it be the way it looks or the way it hits. If you are an indecisive Diane then buckle up and take some notes for the next time you need to upgrade your cool bong collection!

Super unique water bongs 

Cobra Snake Bong

cobra snake bong

Would you be stoked to smoke out of a cobra? The Cobra Snake Bong is the 6.5-inch unique water bong of your dreams if you are into ripping reptiles! This glass water bong has both a unique look and feel when handled and produces a ton of bubbles for better effect with a diffused downstem. This small glass bong also has a flat base so it is not as fragile as you think. Put a nice Afghani strain in the glass bowl and inhale through the cobra’s mouth, and even though this snake bong might be smaller than the average, it hits heavy so beware! Choose from three different colors to really perfect your vibe.

Empire Glass Galactic Flagship Water Pipe

empire glass flagship rocket bong

Blast off like never before with the 9-inch Empire Glass Galactic Flagship Water Pipe! This is absolutely one of the coolest bongs you’ll lay your eyes on and Empire Glass is known for its hand blown pieces that will literally blow you away. The reinforced rocket arm gives a nice grip for handling and with a honeycomb percolator you are in for a smoke show! Even the smoking bowl has a galaxy design with mini planets to really elevate your high self to another world. 

Tall AF Bong

Tall AF bong

Have you seen a bong bigger than this!? The Tall AF Bong is a gigantic 30-inch big bong that is probably not for novice smokers or baby lungs! This hand blown glass bong is beautifully crafted with a unique design at the bottom that looks like you are conjuring up a potion. With an ice catcher at the top of the beaker base, cool each monster hit before attempting to inhale all the smoke in one go. The beaker base is essential to keep this bong steady while you figure out how to properly take a hit from it - you’ll need a second to gather your bearings! With a matching mouthpiece this huge bong is an art piece in itself while fully functioning as a beast of a bong.

Silicone Phallus Bong 

silicone phallus bong

The Silicone Phallus Bong is pretty self-explanatory as to why it makes the list. Beyond its unique shape, this cool silicone bong is an absolute showstopper and bound to get you high. Pretty indestructible, the Silicone Phallus Bong is here to set the mood, sans the attitude - what else do you need honestly? This unique water bong will have you sucking on some smoke and have the time of your life, you’ll even forget it’s a water pipe!

Colored Coil Chiller Bong 

colored coil bong

If you consider yourself an Icy Girl or Glacier Guy then the Colored Coil Chiller Bong is definitely a must-have. With a glycerin coil and detachable neck, pop this piece in the freezer and to prep for an icy smoke sesh. At 14 inches, this glass water bong is a nicely sized setup with a glycerin downstem to kick it up a notch! Get high enough you might feel like you’re smoking out of a lava lamp and we welcome the weird vibes. Get this water bong in different colors to match your mood!

Cartoon Duo Bong

cartoon bong

If you are into weird stuff the Cartoon Duo Bong is definitely up your alley. This Rick and Morty bong is simple in setup but hits heavy and quick. With a beaker base this unique water bong standing at 13-inches will be in your daily rotation and become a smoking essential after a long day. The silly look on the cartoon’s face will have you toking and laughing all night long and set the tone for a chill time. This water pipe might not be the most unique in terms of functionality but it will definitely light up a dark room with its googly eyes and goofy teeth! 

The Mermaid Bong

mermaid bong

Not as flamboyant as the rest but still unique in its own way, The Mermaid Bong is a beautifully crafted 8-inch bong with an ash catcher and percolator for extremely smooth hits. With a textured design resembling a mermaid tail it sets the tone for toking and daydreaming about life under the sea. This unique water bong is mesmerizing in both appearance and the way it hits when you light up for a bong rip will make it a top contender in your bong collection!

Louie G Vouibong Bong

Louis G Bong

If you consider yourself a top toker then the Louie G Vouibong Bong is an absolute need for the bad and bougie stoners that want luxury-looking pieces. With a beaker build, this bong has a percolated downstem to diffuse each hit along with an ice catcher to cool those hits upon inhale. This bong also makes a nice centerpiece for your coffee table with a gold and cream finish that will be glowing in the sunlight just waiting to be used. Treat yourself to a quality bong that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Grab your unique water bongs!

A bong can be as unique as you want it to be, but this list of unique water bongs for 2021 is a variety of designs that all have one goal in common: to get you high AF! Choose your style, see what water pipes you are drawn to and go from there. A unique bong does not have to be the biggest or boldest, but rather what speaks the most to you! Once you buy a bong online, bonding with your bong is totally a thing by the way and we highly suggest it. What’s your favorite unique bong?

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