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Life hacks are most definitely what we need right now, especially when it comes to sweet Mary Jane. Stoner hacks make our lives easier and give us a reason for a pointless adventure, which will for sure enhance your high in itself. Here’s a quick guide of pro stoner tips so you know what to do when you’re in a pinch and trying to get lifted immediately.

Best Stoner Life Hacks

Frisbee rolling tray

When you’re looking for something to prepare your joint, you can use flat household items like books or even your table. But if you have a frisbee, this is a game-changer. The rounded edges will allow you to transfer your weed easily and it’ll help keep the tiny weed fragments from falling onto the floor. Flip the frisbee over so the pocketed side is facing up, use this side as your rolling tray - then go in the backyard and play frisbee with your dog! After you wipe off all weed, of course.

Hot Box Shower

With quarantine in full effect and everyone working from home, it may be a bit more difficult to properly wake and bake like you normally do. Hot boxing in a steamy shower can help with concealing small amounts of marijuana. First, put a towel to cover the crack at the bottom of the door - this helps with keeping the steam inside of the bathroom, and none of the smell or smoke exiting. Run the shower and then proceed to toke when the bathroom is steamy. The steam should diffuse the smell of small amounts of marijuana, like a bong hit or a few puffs from a joint (not the entire thing). Enjoy a nice shower and a discreet hot box at the same time!

Use a spoon as dab tool

If you want to dab and find yourself without the necessary tools, use a spoon as a dab tool! You can use the handle part of a metal spoon to collect the dab, then the rounded part of the spoon can act as a carb cap. Of course, you’d have to spare a metal spoon to do this but when you’re in a bind it is worth sacrificing. Or you can always get super affordable dab tools and carb caps for $4.20 :)

Candy or mints

Do you get really bad cotton mouth when you get high? If you’re one of those that tend to dry up and you don’t want to consume too many beverages while you’re toking, try mints or sweet candy to suck on. It will help salivate your mouth and also rid away weed breath! Jolly ranchers or starbursts are highly recommended, but whatever you have on hand will work just fine. This trick works great with earthy strains that leave a less than desired taste in your mouth.

Coin in grinder

If you have a two-part compartment grinder, this trick will help you collect more kief and fully maximize your grinder’s capabilities. Make sure you sterilize the coin you use before putting it into your grinder. Place the coin that’s appropriately sized for your grinder in the second compartment and shake your grinder full of weed. You’ll find that you’ll catch much more kief than you would without a coin in your grinder, and you’ll never look at coins the same again either. Now coins have more value to you than feeding parking meters!

Have a “come down” ritual

Do you sometimes get too high and you feel unable to control how you feel? If you don’t have CBD on hand to counteract the THC you just consumed, try to create a calming ritual that essentially helps you “come down” from a bad trip. Something as simple as repeating to yourself, “Accept that you’re high, everything is fine and will be fine” over and over will suffice. Whatever you do, create something that will soothe yourself and help you to feel relaxed again. Getting high should be a positive experience but if it does take a turn for the worse, sometimes a little pep talk and self-meditation can do the trick.

Keep lube on hand

It’s been said that Mary Jane can enhance things in the bedroom, but sometimes smoking can not only give you cottonmouth but dry out your taco too. Keeping lube on deck can solve this problem in no time, and it is perfectly normal to have a  cottonmouth feeling overall so if this happens you are not alone. If you and your partner like to smoke a joint before partaking in bedtime activities but this has prohibited you from doing so, Amazon Prime something stat.

Chapstick too!

There’s nothing wrong with having too much chapstick, and you should make sure you have one tucked away in your stash box. You’ll look extremely prepared and your stoner self will be happy you did so the next time your lips are dry and you don’t want to hit the communal joint with crusty lips.

All of these weed hacks are just a number of tricks our fellow cannabis community has figured out along the way. Be sure to check out our first guide to best marijuana life hacks and share with us any hacks you use yourself that we may have missed!


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