Storz & Bickel Classic and Hybrid Vapes Review

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Whether you’re new to the vaping world or a vaping veteran, Storz & Bickel is a brand worth looking into. Over twenty years ago, German graphic designer Markus Storz worked on herbal vaporizers and paved a path to what vaping is today. The Storz & Bickel Classic Volcano Vape was released in 2000 and has proved to be one of the best desktop vaporizers to date. With the recent release of the Storz & Bickel Hybrid Volcano Vape, the big question is: how do the two compare? Let’s dive into a side-by-side comparison and which device is worth paying a pretty penny for.


The Classic Volcano Vape has proven to stand the test of time, some attesting to over a decade of constant use with no signs of slowing down. While both are medical-grade devices, the Hybrid Volcano Vape has modern upgrades like a digital display and a touchscreen setup. 

Storz & Bickel did change the locking system of the filling chamber. Previous complaints mentioned the Classic filling chamber to have a habit of coming off too easily. In the Hybrid upgrade, the locking system twists tightly and stays in place until removed. Simple and effective!

classic volcano vape
volcano vape classic


Both e-rigs deliver unrivaled cloud production compared to other desktop vaporizers, with flavorful hits and an even pull. While the Classic Volcano Vape heats to a minimum temperature of 130°C (266°F), the Hybrid Volcano Vape can reach a minimum temperature of 40°C (104°F) to give you further control. Both vaporizers are compatible with dry herb and concentrates.

One of the biggest differences when comparing the Classic to the Hybrid is the heat up time. While the Classic takes three minutes to heat up, the Hybrid cuts heat up time in half! The Hybrid contains a double helix heat exchanger which helps to heat the device twice as fast. And with the digital display settings, you can guarantee ultimate precision and temperature control. Vaping has never been so straightforward!

Delivery System

The Storz & Bickel Hybrid Volcano Vape earned its name because of its two-in-one delivery system. In addition to the Classic version’s easy valve balloon system, the Hybrid also comes with a tube kit to really ramp things up. With the easy valve balloon, the vaporizer allows shorter vaping sessions when waiting for the balloon to fill up then taking off the filling chamber. The Hybrid’s tube kit allows for continuous vaping so you can turn your desktop vaporizer into a hookah setup!


While both devices are easy and pretty straightforward to use, the Hybrid definitely feels more intuitive and easy to use with the digital display and touch-screen features. The Classic earned its reputation as a solid and trustworthy vaporizer, but after being introduced to the Hybrid Volcano Vape you’ll notice the Classic is needlessly a bit more complicated. The Hybrid upgrade is so effortless to use, plus Storz & Bickel went the extra mile to install Bluetooth capabilities that connect to the brand’s Android app. Although it’s not totally necessary to have Bluetooth on a vaporizer, you’ll find the Hybrid saves you time with customized heat settings and the ability to control your device from another room. 


Both Storz & Bickel vaporizers are quality purchases and can truly enhance your vaping experience. The Classic and Hybrid are insanely easy to clean and deliver superb cloud production and flavorful hits. Even though the Classic Volcano Vaporizer was released 20 years ago, it still holds the title when it comes to reliability and functionality. The Classic would be a great option for those that are not so tech-savvy and prefer a more familiar setup with dials and buttons. 

The Classic is also a good choice if you are on a budget, as the original desktop vaporizer is about $200 less than the Hybrid. These smart rigs are not cheap but it is the quality you pay for, and both devices are top tier. It’s important to note the warranty information for these devices given how expensive they can be. The Classic has a three-year manufacturer warranty compared to the Hybrid’s two-year manufacturer warranty, and you’ll have to register directly with Storz & Bickel. With that being said, the Hybrid provides tons of undiscovered functionality that were not previously available in the Classic version. With digital display and touch-screen settings combined with Bluetooth and smartphone app capabilities, the Hybrid is keeping up with the times and providing an effortless vaping experience. The Hybrid’s additional tube kit is the star of the show, so if you have the coins it is definitely worth the purchase.

Which of the Storz & Bickel desktop vaporizers do you prefer and why?

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