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How to Get Weed and Smoking Products During Quarantine

April 29, 2020 4 min read

marijuana delivery services quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has been plaguing the world for months, putting pressure on our first responders and turning our daily lives upside down. Doing our part to help fight COVID-19 means staying at home in self quarantine, remaining at least six feet away from others, and wearing a mask when out in public. As the weeks whizzed by, many of us have grown somewhat accustomed to our new reality which will most likely be here for the long term. While nail salons, barber shops, and retail outlets have been ordered to shut their doors, cannabis businesses have remained open. Luckily for stoners, cannabis is considered to be an essential business, just like your neighborhood pharmacy, so marijuana cultivation and dispensaries are running business like usual.

While many companies are losing customers and desperately trying to stay afloat, marijuana businesses have experienced a surge in sales. It’s not much of a surprise since pot is linked to a variety of mental and physical health benefits that are certainly relevant during the pandemic such as anxiety and depression to name a few. For the cannabis community, being able to consume marijuana as usual has been a comfort during this time. We have given up visiting with friends and family, dining out at our favorite restaurants, and have cancelled all of our summer travel plans, but we can still have our moment with sweet Mary Jane. 

How to get by during quarantine

Dispensaries and smoke shops are taking the coronavirus very seriously and have made it even easier to get everything you need to get by during the stay at home order. Now there are many affordable options to get your weed and smoking products like home delivery, curbside pickup, and online shopping where you’ll hardly even need to come in contact with another human being.

Weed jar

Home delivery or curbside pickup

Check with your local dispensary because many shops now offer free delivery and have expanded their service areas. Curbside pickup is another great option, especially if you need your bud outside of delivery hours. Just like that Amazon order you’ve been waiting for, cannabis shops are also backed up right now, so expect delays, stock up, and plan ahead. For a truly no-contact experience, visit the dispensary’s online store to see what’s in stock, place your order, and pay online or with exact change if paying in cash. An employee will still need to check your ID (or MMJ card), however this will probably be the only interaction necessary to complete the transaction. These are just a few cannabis dispensaries that deliver during quarantine: 

  • California - Erba Collective, Caliva, Sava, Harbor Collective
  • Colorado - Native Roots, The Dankery, Fire Meds
  • Arizona - Earth’s Healing Delivery, Jars Cannabis
  • Michigan - Bud Haven, Rolling Tree
  • Nevada - Sahara Wellness, Exhale, Rise
  • Oregon - Greenery, Space Buds Delivery 

Online headshops

Online shopping has exploded during the coronavirus quarantine and along with binge watching Netflix, has taken the top spot for favorite pastime. If you’re looking for some new glass or other smoking accessories to go along with your home delivered bud, you don’t even need to leave the couch. Everything for 420 has a great selection of cheap bongs, vapes, dab rigs, glass pipes, and a full collection dedicated to products priced at just $4.20. The best part is that we offer free discreet shipping from our warehouse in Los Angeles so even if your parents or landlord gets ahold of the box, only you will know what’s waiting inside. Check back often because you’ll never know what you’ll find at our online headshop since our inventory is updated daily with new products. Here are a few of our top picks right now:

Bubblers and pipes

  • Cali Crusher Glass Bubbler - With two colors to choose from, the sleek design of this glass bubbler makes it a great addition to the collection.
  • Eggplant Pipe - There’s nothing funnier than taking a giant rip from a purple eggplant pipe.
  • Pineapple Keychain Pipe - This silicone mini pipe is just 3 inches and can be attached to your keys or backpack. It’s as discreet as it gets.

Cali Crusher Bubbler Pipe

Vaporizers and e-rigs

  • Puffco Peak - This high end portable dab rig has all the features you need for flavorful dabs on the go.
  • G Pen Connect- Turn any glass dab rig into an electronic vape with this revolutionary e-nail to dab concentrates.
  • Storz n Bickel Mighty Vape - Splurge a little on this discreet yet powerful vape that’s compatible with dry herb or concentrates. 

G Pen Connect Black

Glass bongs and dab rigs

  • Bubblegum Dab Rig - Take juicy sweet dabs from your very own bubble gum machine dab rig complete with glass marbles as gum balls.
  • Dappled Sphere Beaker Bong- Look as cool as you feel taking hits from this unique 14-inch beaker bong that comes in red, blue, or green.
  • Iridescent Bong- This transparent beaker bong has a built-in ice catcher for smooth comfortable rips every time.

Bubble Gum Dab Rig

Order CBD online

If you haven’t tried CBD before, now is a great time to see what the sought after cannabinoid has to offer. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects so you’ll still be able to function during your weekly Zoom meeting with your boss. CBD is used to treat stress, anxiety, chronic pain, seizures, insomnia, and more. Unlike marijuana, CBD is legal at the federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, however there are guidelines regarding extraction and maximum THC levels. This means you can order CBD products such as tinctures, capsules, and balms online like you would a multivitamin. If your local dispensary doesn’t have the CBD products you need, you can always order from a trusted online CBD store. Be sure to read the label to make sure your CBD products are free from unnatural additives like flavoring and have been tested for chemicals and pesticides.

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