Best Silicone Bongs and Smoking Accessories

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Do you keep cracking your bongs? If you or your smoking buddies are accident-prone, it’s time to invest in a silicone bong made from quality food-grade materials. In addition to being nearly impossible to break, silicone pipes, water bongs, and other smoking accessories are the best for taking on a camping trip, a day at the beach, or any other adventure off the beaten path where glass just won’t do and charging a dead vaporizer is out of the question.

Are silicone bongs safe?

Yes they are! Not only is food-grade silicone easy to clean and practically unbreakable, it also has a high melting point (usually around 500F), making them a safe alternative to fragile glass water pipes. Smoking from a silicone bong does not taste bad, or taste like anything for that matter, so you’ll be able to savor only the flavor of your bud. Silicone can also be boiled, left out in the sun, or folded into a small pocket without losing its shape or quality. Just be sure not to clean any silicone pipe, water pipe, or dab rig with alcohol or an alcohol-based cleaning solution, which will quickly break it down.

Silicone Pineapple Bong

Keep those summer vibes going all year long with the 7.5-inch tall Silicone Pineapple Bong. This small bong comes in five fun colors and has a detailed crown of leaves at the top and textured eyes around the body. Each silicone bong includes a small metal poker that attaches to the side of the downstem for safekeeping and a transparent glass bowl. This silicone pineapple bong will remind you of warm sunshine on your face and smoking with your friends on the beach. As the smallest and most portable water bong on the list, we urge you to do just that.

Silicone pineapple bong

Rainbow Silicone Beaker Bong

If you’re one of those potheads that wishes they were alive during the hippie era, then the Rainbow Silicone Beaker Bong is what you’ve been missing. The vibrant psychedelic swirling pattern of the platinum cured silicone rainbow bong will make your heart sing. Stuff it in your guitar bag or pass it around at a drum circle without worry of breaking. This 8.5-inch silicone beaker bong has a wide base, glass downstem and smoking bowl, and a thick mouthpiece. Expect direct, hard hits.

Rainbow Silicone Bong

Two Part Showerhead Perc Silicone Bong

This collapsible silicone bong is a stoner dream come true. Not only does this medium-sized bong have the durability of silicone, the Two Part Showerhead Perc Silicone Bong also features a showerhead percolator for less jarring and filtered hits. You can watch all the bubbling and aeration take place in the transparent glass section. When ready to hit the road, take apart the silicone hybrid bong just below the percolator for easy transport. This 12.5-inch tall straight shooter bong is available in four colors and includes a funnel-shaped smoking bowl. This is one of the best silicone bongs and for less than $100, you can’t beat the price!

Silicone Hybrid Bong

Ooze: Silicone smoking accessories

If you want the best silicone smoking accessories around, choose one of the neon green Ooze products. Ooze specializes in heat-resistant silicone smoking products that are multi-functional and designed to carry on the go. Think hidden concentrate storage compartments, glass components that tuck away for safety, and pipes that can turn into bubblers. Here are two of our favorites from Ooze.

Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout

This dab dugout is the very first of its kind made for cannabis concentrates! At six inches long, this complete dab travel kit is ideal for carrying along and dabbing while out and about. Ooze has really thought of everything a 710 enthusiast would want. From the silicone nectar collector with a glass and titanium nail that fit into their own inner compartments, to the four concentrate storage slots, and the silicone protected borosilicate glass bowl, this dab kit does it all in style. The entire Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout is protected by a neon green silicone skin so all components and your stash are safe, even when thrown into the bottom of your bag.

Ooze Dabbin Silicone Dugout

Ooze Trip Pipe Silicone Bubbler

No, it didn’t come out of the Flubber movie, it’s just the Ooze Trip Pipe Silicone Bubbler. This hybrid silicone pipe comes with a quartz banger and a glass bowl that fit snugly into the neon green mushrooms coming out of its top because, you guessed it, this 2-in-1 bubbler can be used with both concentrates and dry herb. The water bubbler features a secure suction cup base so you can stick it to the dashboard and dab while offroading (we don’t recommend it) or while taking a bath (we highly recommend it). You’ll never find a more functional or cooler looking silicone bubbler.

Ooze Silicone Hybrid Pipe

Our inventory is constantly changing. For the latest selection of silicone bongs, bubblers, and smoking accessories we have to offer, head to our online headshop and search silicone.

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