How to Find a 420-Friendly Apartment for Rent

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Even though marijuana is legal for recreational use in quite a few U.S. states, that doesn’t mean that everyone is on board. Public consumption is still illegal in most states that have legalized pot, so your home often becomes your marijuana safe haven. Unfortunately, if you live in an expensive city like San Francisco or Los Angeles, you’ll probably be sharing an apartment with a roommate or two and if they aren’t as cool with smoking weed as you are, there are going to be problems. The same goes with landlords that run a smoke free-establishment and sometimes even neighbors (you know the ones that complain about literally everything). For a hassle-free living experience (at least when it comes to smoking pot), look for a 420-friendly apartment complex or home.

Where to start your search for a 420-friendly roommate or apartment

The most obvious thing to do is begin your search for a new home by looking through the typical rental websites like Zillow,, Trovit,, or Be sure to filter for your preferences and use the search term “420 friendly” or “green friendly”. This method can be quite time consuming, however these popular websites generate the most listings so you should have more than a few options in your area. The next best thing to do is ask around about 420-friendly apartments. Friends, coworkers, and family members may know someone who happens to be a stoner and is looking for a roommate or also searching for a weed-friendly home that you could rent together.

The main website created specifically for potheads looking for 420-friendly apartments, roommates, vacation homes, and hotels is The site also lists weed delivery services so you can get your pot delivered to your doorstep as soon as you move in. Everything listed on the site is going to be stoner approved, so you won’t need any extra filtering. While is focused predominantly on Colorado, there are some listings in other marijuana legal states like California, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, and even Canada. The website has a long way to go in terms of building up listings, however you may find a gem in your area.

Other top websites to search for a 420-friendly apartments for rent

  • Facebook Groups - Join groups like 420 Friendly Apartment, roommates & sublets.
  • Reddit - Look under weed-related subreddits for your area.
  • CBXRE - This site focuses more on real estate, however they do have a filter for 420-friendly apartments and cabins for rent.
  • Craigslist or FB Marketplace - Search for “420 friendly” or “green friendly” and be wary of scams. Never send money without meeting with someone in-person and looking at the unit.
  • Classifieds on - Pot Space is a social network for adult pot smokers 21 and over. Some users post their cannabis-safe accommodations in the classifieds section and you may get lucky.

Can a landlord evict you for smoking marijuana?

Even if you live in a marijuana legal state, landlords can evict a tenant for smoking bud. This is because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. Before signing, read your lease for any mention of illegal drugs, which cannabis still technically falls under (confusing, we know). This policy and the consequences of breaking it (warning, immediate eviction, etc.) must be clearly defined in your lease for it to apply. If you want to feel completely at ease, simply find a 420-friendly property via one of the sites listed above that is transparent about its pot smoking policies. Keep in mind that if you openly ask if smoking marijuana is allowed or say that you have a medical marijuana card (even if you have a health issue, disability, or doctor’s note) when the home is not listed as cannabis-friendly, then by federal law, the landlord can turn you down.

Couldn’t find a 420-friendly apartment or rental? Here’s some easy ways to hide the weed smell

If none of the homes on these websites were up to par and you end up signing a lease at a smoke-free complex, don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to cover up the weed smell so you don’t bother your neighbors or your landlord. Luckily, marijuana smoke doesn’t linger or seep into fabric as much as tobacco smoke does. These are a few ideas:

  • Use a vaporizer. Vapes leave far less scent than a huge bong rip.
  • Open all of your windows and air out your space after each smoke sesh.
  • Burn a smoke-killer candle or incense.
  • If you have a large gap under the front door of your apartment, cover it up with a damp towel while smoking indoors.
  • Store your bud in a smell-proof bag or weed storage container.
  • Invest in a smoke filter that you exhale your smoke into.
  • Smoke in your car or on a balcony if your neighbors are okay with it (not ideal, we know).

As soon as you get situated in a living space that fits your needs, visit our online headshop for smell-proof weed stash boxes, cheap vapes, glass dab rigs, cool rolling trays, and more!



Can I grow marijuana in my apartment?

If you're looking a stoner friendly or smoker friendly apartment near you, you''ll need to narrow your search to a couple of things. You can start your search on Zillow,, or a new site called, which caters to stoners! Look for listings that say "420 Friendly".

Can you smoke marijuana in your apartment?

You technically can smoke marijuana in your apartment, however it may not be allowed in your building. If you insist on smoking, consider getting some incense or candles to mask the smell. Vaporizers and other electronic rigs are great as they typically don't carry a smell like actual pot smoke.

Does dab smoke stain walls?

If you're a dabber, and are looking for a smoker friendly apartment near you, you might be wondering how dabbing affects the status of your apartment. Dabbing concentrates involves using a dab rig and vaporizing concentrate, dab smoke can and will stain walls, so try to blow your smoke out a window!

How can you smoke in a non smoking apartment?

If you have to smoke in a non smoking apartment, you'll need to make sure you do a couple of things to mask the smell. Buy a smoke masking candle or incense. Be sure to open all of your windows to get rid of the smell. You'll also want to buy a vaporizer, which doesn't product such a pungent smell.

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