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Ideal for concentrates, tobacco, and essential oils, Ooze develops innovative, quality products that are all about elevating the smoking experience.

Ooze brand story 

The brand was created in Michigan in 2007 with the goal of changing up the vaporizer and concentrate game with cool looking, yet functional smoking accessories that are made with the contemporary consumer in mind. All of the Ooze smoking accessories are tested by pot lovers and are designed specifically to take on the go. From hidden weed storage compartments to nifty multi-functional design elements and durable materials, it's obvious that the engineers and creators at Ooze are smokers themselves.

Ooze Dab Pen and Vapes

Most well known for their dabbing products and vaporizers, the Ooze Dab Pens and vapes are loved by the cannabis community and come at a price that doesn't break the bank. Ooze continues to develop high-quality dab pens and vape pens that last longer and burn better than ever before for tasty, flavorful tokes. These acclaimed vaporizers come in a variety of styles depending on your smoking style and need.

Ooze Slugger

Your traditional dugout made for dry herb just got a modern upgrade! Designers at Ooze have taken the tried and true design and created a product that can be used for concentrates. The Ooze Slugger is the very first dabbing dugout! Dugouts are one of the original old school smoking devices, which consists of a fillable compartment to store ground flower and a one hitter or bat. It was made specifically for inconspicuous smoking when out and about. Unlike the cumbersome Ooze Dab Rig that is meant for home use, the Ooze Slugger takes this idea one step further to satisfy the needs of the growing 710 community.

Built from heat-resistant silicone, the one hitter dugout is lightweight and extremely travel-friendly for clean tasting dabs on the fly. Each travel kit includes a glass nail, titanium nail, silicone nectar collector, and a built-in borosilicate glass bowl with a protective silicone cover. All the smoking pieces tuck away nicely into the silicone case for safe keeping. The case itself has four separate compartments to store your favorite concentrates and is durable enough to throw into a backpack without a second thought. The only thing you need now is your best wax and a butane torch!

Swanky silicone and glass

The first thing you may notice about the brand is their creative use of silicone. The Ooze silicone dab rig is a great example of the fresh way designers have combined durable and delicate materials for an eccentric and colorful look. The mix of opaque silicone and transparent glass not only gives the Ooze smoking products an iconic and modern feel, it also helps reduce the chance of accidentally tipping over and cracking your glass when you've had one too many dabs (it happens). The silicone acts as one more step of protection for your precious dab rig or glass pipe. Some of the best Ooze silicone and glass products include the:

  • Ooze Water Bubbler

This piece has a crazy unique look that you won't get from any other brand. The Ooze bubbler has a silicone stem that allows smokers to use a glass bowl for flower or a quartz banger for concentrates. The two-in-one water bubbler won't be slipping and sliding thanks to the suction cup base that keeps it securely in place (why haven't we thought of that before?). The neon mushrooms on top make this bubbler nearly unbreakable and double as handholds.

  • Glycerine Glass Bowl

One super cool must-have is the glycerine Ooze bowl. Even if your dab rig or water bong doesn't have an ice-catcher, you won't need any ice at all to get chilled hits. This double layered glass bowl is filled with neon colored glycerine so stoners can pop it in the freezer for icy cold, fresh tokes that are comfortable on the throat. Better yet, it only takes around 30 minutes to freeze up completely so you have just enough time to prepare some snacks.

  • Ooze Pipe and Nectar Collector

Who knew that you one piece could double as a water pipe, dab rig, bong, and nectar collector all in one! This Ooze pipe may be the one and only smoking device you'll ever need! The four-in-one monster is known as the Ooze Clobb and is compatible with dry herb, concentrates, and even 510 cartridges. All the pieces fit snuggly within the body of the glass pipe and are protected by a layer of silicone. The kit comes with a removable nectar collector that doubles as the pipe's mouthpiece, a titanium nail, a glass bowl, and a 90° quartz banger. The glass bowl has a silicone skin that can be taken off to expose a special insert made to fit the Ooze dab pen.

Ooze constantly rolls out new, innovative products, so check back here for the best new gear at amazing prices!

Are Ooze bongs safe?

Launched in 2007 by cannabis connoisseurs for cannabis connoisseurs, Ooze develops multi-functional smoking accessories with the modern, on-the-go stoner in mind. Ooze bongs have a unique look since the brand mixes high-quality borosilicate glass or quartz glass with colorful heat-resistant silicone, both of which are completely safe to smoke from despite what some may think. The platinum cured silicone is food grade and has a heat index of 600 degrees fahrenheit. Some of the glass portions of the Ooze bongs, rigs, and pipes are encased in a protective silicone skin that will give the piece some extra cushion if accidentally tipped over or dropped. The Ooze dab rig uses quartz glass that is safe for those who enjoy cannabis concentrates since it can withstand extreme temperatures of up to roughly 1,100 to 1,200 degrees fahrenheit. There’s a very low chance that it’ll crack while you’re dabbing. Some Ooze bongs and pipes are designed to be freezed for chilled, comfortable tokes that feel like you’re smoking out of ice. The frozen substance inside the bong is liquid glycerin, which is a basic polyol compound that is entirely non-toxic and safe.

Are there special requirements for storage of Ooze accessories?

Ooze is all about making stoners’ lives easier, not harder. There are no special ways that Ooze bongs and accessories need to be stored compared to other smoking accessories. Silicone and glass are UV safe and will not break down if left in direct sunlight, so it can be stored and used in all environments. A silicone and glass Ooze bong should be cleaned regularly with isopropyl alcohol and salt (or a bong cleaner) to remove any resin build-up. The removable silicone parts can be tossed in the freezer for easier removal of stubborn gunk. After cleaning, give it a rinse with fresh water, lay it out to dry, and it’s back to business as usual.

Is it similar to kryptonite?

It may also be a similar glowing neon green color, but Ooze bongs don’t come from another planet like kryptonite (they’re just filled with liquid glycerin). But instead of diminishing your superhuman powers, you may actually find yourself gaining some abilities like hitting a new record kill streak on Call of Duty or being able to slow down time (just for yourself though) after a few massive rips from an Ooze bong. With its unique look, vibrant colors, and ability to be a dab rig, bong, pipe, and nectar collector all in one, it’s easy for any superhero fan to imagine their Ooze accessories somehow came straight out of a comic book.


Is your shipping discreet?

Ooze bongs might be flashy, but our shipping is not. We understand that you may want to show off your shiny new glassware to your smoking buddies as soon as you get your hands on it, but that is probably not the case for everyone in your life. Cannabis enthusiasts come from all different backgrounds and some people may want to keep their love for the green goddess completely separate from their professional life, while others choose to make it their entire personality down to wearing jewelry in the shape of a cannabis leaf and using Bob Marley quotes as Instagram captions (we see you). For stoners that want to be discreet, you’re in luck! All orders are packaged in a plain box or mailer and sent to your doorstep with fast and reliable shipping via USPS or UPS. Even if your mom or little sister gets the mail before you do, your secret will be safe since the shipping label and your credit card statement will show a nondescript business name that will not arouse suspicion.

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