Best Luxury Smoking Accessories For 420

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best 420 smoking accessories
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There is no better time than now to upgrade your smoke setup and truly treat yourself, but sometimes it can be hard to pull the trigger on buying new smoking accessories, much less those in the luxury category. Fear not, there are many 420 smoking accessories to choose from but we’re here to reel it all in and point in you in the right direction. Here are the best luxury smoking accessories for 420, you don’t want to miss out on these epic finds!

Empire Glassworks Beehive Nano Rig 

empire glassworks bee hive mini nano rig

See what the buzz is about with the Empire Glassworks Beehive Nano Rig, a beautifully hand crafted six-inch bubbler bong that also doubles as a dab rig! Empire Glassworks is known for creating one of a kind 420 smoking accessories and this small bong is no exception. With a diffused downstem and ash catcher to fully filter each hit, smoke in luxury through the honey pot mouthpiece and watch the magic happen. Includes an intricate honeycomb bowl to make this piece pop!

Pink Focus V Carta Edition Electric Dab Rig

pink v carta focus

The Pink Focus V Carta Edition Electric Dab Rig is an absolute show stopper and for good reason. Compatible with dry herb and concentrates, choose between four different preset temperatures and sync with the CARTA app for easy use. This e-rig includes accessories like a glass carb cap and charger supplies making it travel friendly and gives you an excuse to smoke on the fly regardless of where you are. 

Empire Glassworks Ramen Bowl Mini Rig

empire glassworks ramen bowl mini rig

Send noods the proper way with the Empire Glassworks Ramen Bowl Mini Rig, a six-inch small bubbler that can be used for dabbing too. Made with 3D glass for an ultra realistic looking ramen bowl, catch every detail of the noodles, egg, and shrimp all while puffing through the chopsticks mouthpiece. This mini dab rig is sure to impress just about anyone and should stand front and center in your stoner collection!

Empire Glassworks Dragon Sphere Spoon

empire glassworks dragon sphere spoon

Another handblown masterpiece, the Empire Glassworks Dragon Sphere Spoon is the six-inch weed pipe of every Mulan lover’s dreams. With a deep smoking bowl making it easy to clean, get luxuriously high with every single hit and know you get what you paid for. Become mesmerized with the little dragon wrapped around the spoon pipe, if you take enough hits he might come to life like your very own Mushu. 

Cookies x G Pen Connect Vaporizer

cookies x g pen connect vaporizer

The Cookies x G Pen Connect Vaporizer is from the collaboration of Bay Area rap legend Berner and G Pen that takes your vape sessions to the ultimate next level. This limited edition release will have you feeling so exclusive and with a creative build you’ll be feeling brand new after a few tokes from this. This portable vape includes a battery, tank, housing, and hemp travel case, easily connect this to any compatible device and smoke away.

Go For Gold Set

go for gold set

If you are a bundles kind of stoner, the Go For Gold Set will set off all kinds of luxury for a budget babe price. Featuring the Genie in a bottle dab rig, Airis Mystica II, Gold Coin grinder, gold metal dab tool and a clear dotted bowl - you are setting yourself TF up and your weed is for the taking. Absolutely smoke in style with this type of bundle pick and you will only attract dollar signs and only go where the money resides. 

EF420 Subscription Box

EF420 subscription box

If you truly want the best luxury smoking accessories for 420, the EF420 Bud To Bud Box is where you need to be. Always full of surprises and known to be an extreme crowd pleaser, this is the stoner subscription box everyone has been waiting for. What screams luxury more than getting subscription boxes full of weed accessories delivered to your door every month? With this type of luxury service, you’ll never have to worry about deciding between different pieces anymore and let us decide for you. 

The best luxury smoking accessories for 420 are those that can be used frequently and last a long while. Stoners rely on the build and quality of a smoking accessory since it will be used almost daily, and luxury smoking accessories give you peace of mind knowing every purchase is worthwhile and makes it incredibly satisfying when toking through your new luxury smoking accessory. The next time you want to buy a cheap bong online, the little voice in your head will be reminding you to treat yourself and go get that boujee bong baby!

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