What Is CBD?

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what is cbd
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One of the most popular conversations in the past few years has been the hot topic of CBD, especially with how CBD has become more widely available in the past few years with an increasing number of states legalizing marijuana. When someone starts talking about CBD, nine times out of ten a non user will instantly claim that CBD shows up on a drug test, or that you will still get high etc., basically comparing CBD to THC. But these are myths my friend, and we are here to debunk all of them. Here are the most commonly asked questions about CBD and what you should know before trying it!

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound that is found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is a natural substance that yes, derives from marjiuana plants but no, CBD does not get you high in the way THC does. So why is that? Well, there are two parts to the marijuana plant: THC and CBD. THC contains psychoactive chemicals that initiate the feeling of being high, versus CBD that contains absolutely no psychoactive chemicals but will still calm your mind and body to relax and release tension.

To further clarify, CBD is most abundantly found in hemp plants over marijuana plants due to higher amounts of CBD and almost no trace of THC in hemp plants (less than 0.3%). For this reason, many CBD strains are made from hemp plants as compared to marijuana plants! Especially with hemp, CBD oil can be easily made which can be used in many different products. That should give non users some reassurance knowing there are different types of cannabis plants that are used for a wide variety of reasons other than getting high.

Who uses CBD?

Anyone can use CBD, from your baby cousin to your grandma since it is deemed to be extremely safe. However, there are many ways to consume CBD benefits whether it is through ingesting, applying topically, or smoking or through CBD oils. People use CBD for a variety of reasons, but mostly to relax and unwind without losing too much control or having an out of body experience like THC might cause. 

CBD is a great alternative for those that want to participate in the act of smoking but do not want to fully commit to it in fear of getting high. Puffing on a CBD pen can look and feel just as cool and won’t cause you to pass out when you have a puff too many.

What does CBD help with?

CBD can do virtually all the things THC can do, without the psychoactive element that might cause you to take a trip to the moon. CBD benefits can help with stress, anxiety, aches and pains, and more. CBD does not produce an overwhelming feeling of sedation that most pharmaceuticals might cause, but a mellow feeling will take over and help you to fall asleep, or calm down in difficult situations. CBD is not the holy grail or a one stop shop to cure your anxiety, but CBD has helped many users in combating day to day situations that otherwise cause stress. Think of CBD as your ultimate hype man! 

How should I take CBD?

Although there are many ways to take CBD, it all comes down to why you are needing CBD in the first place. Are your muscles sore from working out and you need to release some tension? Try the CBD Living Freeze Cold Therapy Lotion Roll On to single out the area affected and massage into the skin for maximum absorption. Are you the type that likes to ingest things but don’t have time to smoke? Try CBD Living Assorted Gummies, they are just as fun as THC gummies without the scary part of never knowing which way it will hit you and when. Or do you usually like to drink your own infused special drink before bed? Try the CBD Living Calming Loose Leaf Tea, an incredible assortment of different blends depending on your taste that will prepare you for a full night’s rest. 

Depending on how much CBD you intake, most of the time you’ll feel the effects of CBD for about four to five hours but should sense some relief after 30 minutes of taking CBD tinctures or gummies. If you smoke, you’ll obviously feel the effects quicker but might not last as long! We suggest having several different types of CBD products depending on your mood and what the time calls for. 

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