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Best 420 Sale Smoking Accessories

April 03, 2021 3 min read

420 sale smoking accessories
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It’s a new month, the weather is finally warming up, and it’s time to add some new smoking accessories to your collection. Everything for 420 is always ranked one of the best online headshops in the U.S. for a very good reason. We have a huge selection of rotating products at unbelievable prices you won’t find anywhere else. But we’re going to share a little secret to getting even better deals. Visit our 420 sale page for an extra 30% off of our already insanely cheap prices. You’ll find top smoking brands like Grav, V Syndicate, Raw, and Airis, in addition to some EF420 exclusives. Here are some of our top picks:

All Glassed Up Bong

This 10-inch beaker bong has a wide base that’s great for sharing with friends and at an extra 30% off, this water bong is an absolute steal. Available in four transparent colors, this glass bong may not be the most stylish, but it always produces heavy, direct hits. To cushion the massive tokes, the All Glassed Up Bong has a built-in three pinch ice catcher, a removable diffused downstem, and a splashguard to keep the dirty bong water down. Even the clumsiest of stoners won’t have to worry too much with a stable beaker bong.

All Glassed Up Bong

Eco Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

If you live with someone who doesn’t approve of your 420 lifestyle, you need an Eco Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter so you can quit worrying and smoke in peace. This genius product is an absolute must have for anyone who wants to hide their smoke smell, whether it be in the car, at home, or in school. Simply take a hit like normal and exhale directly into the Smoke Buddy filter to eliminate odors. The personal air filter for smoke comes in two sizes and can be used over 300 times. It comes with a cap and leash that’s perfect for keeping smells inside the filter so it won’t stink up your bag.

Eco Smoke Buddy Air Filter

Silicone Sax Pipe

Silicone bongs and pipes are gaining popularity since the material is heat safe, extremely durable, and lightweight. The Silicone Sax Pipe is 5.5 inches and is perfect for taking on the go. Aside from the glass bowl, the silicone smoking pipe is nearly indestructible, making it a great gift for the accident prone! Available in two swirling green colors, the silicone pipe has a cool saxophone-inspired look and costs less than $20 since it’s part of the 420 sale.

Silicone Sax Pipe

Airis Tick 510 Battery

Looking for a cheap vape that holds a charge and produces great tasting hits? The palm-sized Airis Tick is just what you need. This portable 510 battery has 3 heat settings and is compatible with any 510 thread cartridge. Flip the cover of what looks like a large lighter and snap the 510 vape cartridge into the magnetic connection to start vaping. The cheap vaporizer is still high quality and includes a 650mAh battery, USB charging cable, and adaptors.

Airis Tick 510 Battery

Micro Nectar Collector

Ready to experiment with cannabis concentrates? Whether you’re a complete noob or a seasoned dabber, the Micro Nectar Collector is a great addition if you’re all about the 710 life. At 10mm long and weighing just 6 ounces, this mini nectar collector is ultra lightweight and travel friendly. This complete nectar collector kit comes in a reusable box with a bubbler chamber, titanium tip, quartz tip, a mouthpiece, keck clip, and a glass dish to hold your stash. It may sound like a lot of different pieces, but this dab accessory is very quick to put together and easy to use. Just add water to the bubbler, insert the mouthpiece and your tip of choice, heat up the tip with a scorch torch, and dab away.

Micro Nectar Collector

V Syndicate Hybrid Rolling Tray

If you love cannabis in all its forms, easily switch between smoking and dabbing with the V Syndicate Hybrid Rolling Tray that sports pot leaves and the two most famous three digits, 420 and 710. This metal rolling tray comes with a removable silicone dab mat for added protection when using burning hot tools. Choose from the 7 or 11 inch size depending on your smoking style and how much space you need. This cool rolling tray catches any fallen herb or drips and makes cleaning up quick and easy.

V Syndicate Rolling Tray

Wiz Khalifa Edition Raw Pre-Rolled cone

Designed by the rap artist himself, the Wiz Khalifa Pre-Rolled Cone will challenge you to push your limits. Call up a few friends and ask them to bring some bud to fill the 12-inch long pre-rolled cone that’s fun to pass around at parties. Created by Raw, the leading brand of rolling papers, this cone is made from 100% organic, unbleached, and all natural hemp. The cone is simple to fill, burns smooth, and even includes a poker.

Wiz Khalifa Pre-Rolled Cone

For more 420 sale smoking accessories like bong bowls, rolling trays, herb grinders, smoking pipes, and glass bongs on clearance, visit our online headshop.

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