420 Singles Stoner Dating App Review

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It’s hard to find love these days. Maybe it’s the pandemic, a busy work schedule, or the fact that you’d rather spend your Sunday smoking blunts and binge watching episodes of Rick and Morty. Whatever your excuse may be, dating apps have made it simple to find other single potheads. Download a stoner dating app and take a chance on finding that special someone who loves ganja just as much as you do.

Is there a dating app for stoners?

If you’re looking for love, dating apps and websites make it very easy to navigate the thousands of singles in your area. Today, you don’t even have to leave the couch and that’s just the way potheads like it. Now, there are dating apps and websites for every type of hobby, lifestyle, and preference so singles can easily find other singles who are also Christians, single seniors, parents, part of the LGBTQ community, and even stoners. While most people prefer dating within their circles, 420 dating apps assure that there won’t be any problems when it comes to smoking weed. It can be assumed that everyone who has a profile on this dating app has no problem with marijuana use and consumes the plant themselves as well so it won’t be a surprise or burden on the blossoming relationship. Some of the best stoner dating apps are High There!, Date 420 Friendly, 420 Friends, Highly Devoted, and 420 Singles.

How to use the 420 Singles stoner dating app

If you’re already using other dating apps, you’ll quickly get your bearing on the 420 Singles interface, often referred to as “Tinder for potheads”. The marijuana dating app has very similar features such as right/left swiping on profiles and private messaging. Also like Tinder, 420 Singles is designed to find both dates as well as hookups, so if you just feel like smoking bud, playing video games, and getting it on rather than a long-term relationship, you can find that too.

420 Singles has two plans to choose from. The free plan comes with unlimited swipes, matches, and private messages, super likes, and push notifications, which covers all the basics and is usually enough for most users. If you want to skip the matching process and be able to message anyone you want, as much as you want (they can message back for free too), then upgrade to the premium plan for $10.49 per month. All the plans let users save profiles for later if they can’t message them at that moment and allows up to a 1,000 mile radius search. Super likes can be given to people you’re really interested in so they know they’re more than just another swipe.

You’ll be welcomed by the usual set of questions to set up your profile such as uploading a profile photo, specifying your gender, age, and what kind of person you’re looking for. There are also fun Q&A style questions that you can post to your profile to show off your personality. The app is very user friendly with just the basic features you need to make a connection. Expect lots of profile photos of homemade bongs and giant joints, because shouldn’t we all judge someone based on their coolest bong?

420 Singles reviews

420 Singles has over a thousand reviews on the app store, so it is one of the largest stoner dating apps out there in terms of users. The stoner dating app currently has a 3.4 star rating. Many of the older reviews mention bugs with messaging and the super like button, however it seems that the developers have since made many updates to fix these issues. Overall potheads love the idea of an app to find others in the 420 community. One user even left a review saying “I am just excited to know a site like this exists!” One drawback with newer sites like 420 Singles is building up a user base. Right now this is one of the most popular stoner dating websites, with over 100,000 app downloads on Google Play, however it has nowhere near as many users as major apps like Tinder, which has nearly 8 million users or Match, which has 21 million. This means that if you don’t live in a major city, you may not have very many single stoners in your area just yet.

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