Funniest 420 Blaze It Memes

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420 blaze it memes
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One of the greatest things to ever come to existence are memes, the truest definition of the internet’s greatest gift to mankind! There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and scrolling through memes between bong rips. Memes are more than just a way to pass time, it has even become a language amongst many - if you speak meme, your group messages must be lit! When it comes to 420-related memes, this is an entirely different territory than most. Almost every stoner meme is relatable and the best part is you will find everything funnier with just a few puffs of some ganja. Here are the funniest 420 blaze it memes that you might not have seen already but will definitely laugh at regardless!

Funniest 420 Blaze It Memes

stoner meme

All it takes is one look and that stoner energy to know if the feeling is mutual. This is also how new friends are made, and everyone knows how easy it is to make friends in the cannabis community! Even though COVID has halted our abilities to make weed friends, I’m sure you’ve given your neighbors this look hoping to find a buddy to sesh with in the backyard. FYI, sending 420 blaze it memes is also a guaranteed way to keep stoner relationships going strong.

 rick and morty 420 blaze it meme

Rick is all of us when we have reached outer space in our minds. I mean, everyone reacts to their weed trips differently, and there is always at least one chatter in the group. Just remember the next time you are looking deep into the insides of your mind, tell your friends you are checking out and they won’t be as alarmed when you break it to them that you hear absolutely nothing that was said. 

simpsons 420 meme

When your work personality is completely different from your home personality and they don’t know how much of a stoner you really are. So the next time you clock out remember this meme and smoke an extra bowl in celebration of your true, highest self.

420 blaze it cat meme

We’ve all been there when you just finish a loud blunt and walk back into society with a little lean in your step and you can’t seem to walk or act normally. Shout out to the times you catch cottonmouth and cannot find your upper lip. It’s okay, chugging some water and making the best munchies snacks for 420 will do the trick and bring you back to life!

420 blaze it meme

Have you ever had the longest day of doing absolutely nothing but smoke half your supply of weed? Everyone deserves a day of utter relaxation, and that is tiring in itself! Pro tip is to smoke some CBD in between the heavy hits, you’ll be able to come back down to earth and reload to blast off again!

420 meme

Hmmm, that list is looking pretty small there don’t you think? We can all agree that tolerance breaks are both necessary and effective, but stopping forever!? Everyone has their reasoning for stopping smoking weed and this is not a jab to anyone who is not in the space to smoke anymore. But for the current stoners I know you can relate to this and all we ask is for a good reason! We can wait.

420 blaze it meme

Oh you sad weed is bad for you, but you just downed half a bottle of tequila last Tuesday? What may be good for you might not be best for someone else and to each their own, but for the naysayers, that song and dance is old to a stoner who quite frankly just wants good vibes and high times! 


simpsons 420 blaze it meme

Are you the friend in your group that makes plans knowing that you will cancel an hour before? It’s okay, a good 420 smoke sesh gets the best of us sometimes and that calls for a chill night in. The good thing is, you can smoke some more while Netflix and chilling - pants are optional, it’s your casa!

covid 420 blaze it meme

This meme is WAY too relatable for a stoner. Too often did you rip your dab pen way too hard before walking into Target and here you are having a cough fest in your mask while all you were trying to do was grab eye drops and some snacks. Which brings us to our last but not least meme…

funny 420 memes

If you’re feeling like a DIY you can always print this out on a mask to wear! Totally relatable 24/7 because let’s be honest, these days you don’t leave anywhere without smoking weed before leaving the house. The funniest 420 blaze it memes are ever evolving so buy a bong online, get high AF and try to create your own!

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