420 New Year Celebration Ideas

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420 new years celebrations
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This year has been a very challenging one in all ways imaginable and everyone seems to be eager to say so long to 2020 and move on to a new (hopefully Covid-free) chapter. The holidays were a little quieter than usual and New Year celebrations are sure to be different as well. However, that doesn’t mean the festivities need to be canceled. Instead, turn the night into a fun-filled 420 party with your loved ones or celebrate virtually. There are many ways to ring in 2021 in true stoner style. These are just a few 420 New Year celebration ideas to get the party started.

Try a new edible recipe

Why not perfect that edible recipe you couldn’t quite get right and share the infused goodies with friends and family so they can eat it on the big night. After all we’ve been through this year, it only seems fitting to welcome 2021 with open arms and as high as humanly possible. There are many different weed edibles that match perfectly with the occasion. If you are trying to learn how to make weed edibles, try an easy holiday weed brownie, infused cocktails, or if you’re feeling up to the task, follow a cannabis cookbook for a full New Year’s Eve edible menu complete with an elevated appetizer, main dish, and dessert. It can be hard to know how much weed to use when making edibles and not overdo it, so make sure to follow the dosage closely. Be sure to to taste your treats well before the hour strikes so you’re feeling the full effects right as the bell tolls.

Play a game or hands-on activity

Everyone loves a good party game and many can be enjoyed virtually with friends and family around the world. Make sure everyone takes a bong rip or two to even out the playing field and have even more fun. If you’re playing in person, some of the best party games to play high are Minute to Win it, Loaded Questions, and What do You Meme. For games held online, try charades or pictionary. Hands-on activities like a blazed paint party or mixology session can be just as fun. One person should be designated as the host and they can prepare and distribute a list of ingredients needed for the cocktail so all partygoers can participate virtually. Mix up those cocktails, light up, and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

Host a virtual smoke-a-thon until the ball drop

It’s not New Years Eve without a ball drop. Normally, the celebration draws roughly one million people to Times Square in New York City. While no one is viewing the annual event in person this year, the ball drop will still be televised live like in the past. Call up your friends for a live watch party of the virtual NYE event from the warmth of your home. This year is special because organizers have created a virtual reality and augmented reality-based platform that works on your computer or smartphone and is sure to look extra cool while stoned. In the hour leading up to the big event, start partaking in your favorite strain while watching the live concerts by Anitta, Machine Gun Kelly, Cyndi Lauper & Billy Porter, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and more. For a full schedule of other virtual NYE concerts, head here.

Ring in the new year with infused bubbly

One NYE tradition that’s done in various countries around the world is popping a bottle of bubbly on the last night of the year. Lucky for pot lovers, weed edibles aren’t limited to just sweets. Many brands have created CBD and THC-infused champagne and other alcoholic drinks that bring the best of both worlds together and are perfect for celebrating the end of 2020.

Enjoy the first day of 2021 in the great outdoors

Start the new year off with a breath of fresh mountain air and an entirely new mindset. Inhale your favorite marijuana strain and exhale the bad vibes. Hiking with marijuana has always been a beloved stoner activity and it’s a great way to celebrate the first day of 2021. Not only can you find some peace in the outdoors, you can also take a second to set intentions for the coming year while partaking out in nature.

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