Ultimate Guide to Smoking Weed and Hiking

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There’s something about being out in the mountains and connecting with the earth that calls to marijuana smokers. For some stoners, being high in nature is a spiritual experience like none other. Whether you’re an expert in backpacking stoned or just getting into hiking and want to have a new experience, this article will provide tips and tricks for the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Be considerate and discreet

Not everyone is comfortable with marijuana use, even in cannabis legal states. It’s important to respect other hikers who are also trying to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh mountain air by smoking in unpopulated areas off the trail or in your car before heading out. Keep in mind that it is illegal in some states to smoke or vape within state parks and state beaches. California for example, passed this exact smoking ban in September 2019. If you’re planning to hike in a U.S. National Park, each park sets their own rules and some do allow smoking in outdoor areas.

Choose the right strain

Not all strains are created equal and if you’re planning to do physical activity, a sativa or hybrid is needed. Despite what most people believe about pot (they’re all just “lazy stoners”), some strains actually give the consumer a boost of energy. Sativas are best for any type of aerobic workout, but some can actually have a calming effect, which is often associated with indicas. That’s why it’s helpful to research specific cannabis strains and try them out ahead of time. You don’t want to be completely energy drained when out on the trail. Start out with Harlequin, Durban Poison, Willie Nelson, Cinderella 99, Orange Crush, or Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

Appease the munchies

You should be packing food and water on any hiking trip, but if you’re planning to light up on the trail, pack extra. Dry mouth, or cottonmouth, can be brutal, particularly while exerting yourself. This is not a sign of dehydration, but drinking water after smoking is a common side effect. Everyone has heard about the munchies and once it hits, it can be unstoppable. Load up on the snacks too. It’s always better to overpack than to underpack and be three hours away from the car or nearest water source.

Pick the perfect trail

The trail you decide to embark on matters just as much as the strain you smoke. More often than not, stoned hikers don’t want an extremely difficult trail, but would rather connect with nature on an elevated level and marvel at the views. It’s always best to pick a trail you’ve done before and are comfortable with. You don’t want to be surprised with an hour-long uphill climb right when you’re at your peak. When smoking and hiking, it’s very easy to get distracted and slip. Sheer cliffs and very steep or slippery descents are dangerous types of terrain on any occasion and one that you will want to avoid while high.

Don’t be a fire hazard

Currently, wildfires are ravaging the West Coast, affecting not just nearby buildings and residents, but forests and wildlife as well. Wildfires can start with a tiny piece of burning ash and spreads incredibly quickly if there’s wind. Be cautious of open flames and always fully extinguish joints or blunts. To be on the safe side, use a vape pen or portable dab rig that has no external heat source. For THC or CBD cartridges, use the Stone Smith Slash Vape Pen or the Pax3 if you want a dry herb vaporizer. The best 2 in 1 vape for smoking concentrates or dry herb is the pocket-sized Storz n Bickel Mighty.

Be prepared

Whether smoking pot or not, always be prepared when out in the mountains. Anything could happen and even the most experienced outdoorsmen may find themselves in an emergency situation. Be sure to always carry the essentials when hiking further than a few miles into the wilderness and remember that there may not be cellphone reception. A few key items to have in your backpack include a headlamp, safety whistle, a basic first aid kit with an emergency blanket, a multi-tool with a knife, a water purification system or filter, and paracord.

Ice Cream Cone Silicone Pipe

Carry durable and adventure-friendly smoking accessories

If you need a piece that will last, choose one made of silicone. It’s the best pipe for hiking since it’s extremely lightweight and nearly unbreakable. Choose from either the adorable 4-inch Minion Silicone Pipe or the 5-inch Ice Cream Cone Pipe. These two portable pipes are made from heat-safe silicone and aside from the glass bowl, the pipe can be run over by a car and still function. Unlike rolling papers, these silicone pipes can get wet in case a sudden rainstorm rolls in during your outdoor smoke sesh. Remember to always be aware of the wind and your open flame.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Pack out what you pack in - This is a given. Never toss your filters or joints on the ground.
  • Take it slow - know your strengths and level as a marijuana smoker and as a hiker. Never underestimate the terrain (or a potent strain) and always go slow when hiking high.
  • Never hike solo - While this is a good rule to follow at all times, it’s even more important when hiking stoned. If one hiker gets in trouble, your buddy will be able to call or get help.
  • Use a GPS for hiking - If you insist on solo adventurers, carry a hiking GPS or personal locator beacon and tell friends and family that you have it. If for some reason you don’t return on time, you can easily be found. At the very least, tell someone exactly where you’re going and what time you expect to be home.

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