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Rotary Grinders - Perfect for a Fine Grind

Sure, you can tear up your herbs by hand, but why do that when you can use an efficient rotary grinder instead? When you use your hands, you can lose potent pollen and oils on your fingers and the table. To use a grinder, just put in your whole flower, screw on the lid and twist.The grinder’s interlocking teeth tear the flowers apart evenly. The ground herb then falls through the holes into the chamber below, catching all the valuable parts. Your grinder can also serve as a handy place to store herb until you are ready to use it.

We have a great selection of metal and plastic rotary grinders from classic Bob Marley to Pikachu.  We have classics and more fun and funky styles to choose from. If you’re looking for a more discrete model, check out a sleek aluminum grinder or one with a beautiful wood exterior. And at $4.20, it’s hard to beat the price!