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If you’re looking for the ultimate portable grinder, look no further than the grinder necklace! To the untrained eye, these necklaces look like cool metal jewelry, but they are so much more! These are the smaller versions of the V-Syndicate grinder cards. These cards are basically a cheese-grater for your herb. The sharp metal holes allow you to get an even grind and still keep things neat.


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For the ladies, check out the beautiful gold daisy necklace or the hamsa necklace grinder. Grinder necklaces aren’t just for gals thought! We have more masculine styles like the razor necklace or classic V-Syndicate V necklace that look similar to a dog tag. And you’ll never believe this deal! Get a two pack of cool grinder necklaces for just $4.20! Keep one for yourself and share the joy with a friend!