Grinder Cards - Grind On the Go!

The classic rotary grinder is great, but you don’t necessarily want to carry it around everywhere you go. That’s where the new, popular grinder card comes in. These cards are basically a cheese-grater for your herb. The sharp metal holes allow you to get an even grind and still keep things neat. These slim credit card sized cards can easily slip into your wallet or your pocket.


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V-Syndicate cards is the name in grinder cards and we have many of their popular cards. There’s the Roaring Lion grinder card. Grind your flowers with his mane and use his his mouth as a great roach holder. There are classic V-Syndicate V style cards, an ace of spades grinding playing card, one that shows your love for 420 and more. The Syndicase is also a popular choice. This slim, stylish case holds your favorite grinder card and has a small space to store extra herb. And for the ultimate in portability, you'll love the V-Syndicate key-chain.