American Made Glass

American Made Glass

What is American made glass?

Knowing where and how your glass smoking accessories are made can truly make a difference in the overall user experience. While most do not think twice about how glass bongs and pipes are created, it can be beneficial to understand American made glass and imported glass smoking accessories. American made glass bongs, American made glass pipes, and American made glass dab rigs are all smoking accessories that are glass blown in the United States and usually constructed with high quality, thick glass. American made glass are typically hand blown glass pieces that involve more of a personal and customized glass making process. Since American made glass is all handled in the United States, the higher quality and thicker materials used will add to its longevity.  Compared to imported glass, American made glass is often made with beautifully colored glass instead of using paint and other materials that are unhealthy when ingested. American made glass can cost you a pretty penny but knowing behind the scenes about what it takes to create American made glass can be worth the investment. If budget is not a top priority when considering the purchase of a new smoking device, American made glass might be the best option if you really want to upgrade your smoking accessory collection.

Why choose an American made glass?

There are some quality imported smoking accessories available and it is highly recommended to consider imported pieces when trying to build a bigger collection. Purchasing American made glass can sometimes be a big spend but it is definitely worth every penny knowing most American made glass dab rigs and American made glass bongs are made by hand with the best quality glass in the country. 

Heady glass

If you are an avid smoker, cultivating a heady glass collection might be a dream. Heady glass is often American made glass made by individual artists and are limited edition pieces that become collectibles, sometimes increasing in value over time. A lot of stoners love a good heady glass piece like an American made glass pipe because the functionality of the piece comes second to the artistic expression the artist has designed. While heady glass can be used and usually delivers top quality, smooth hits - the overall aesthetic is what you’re paying for and the personalized craftsmanship of the talented artist. 

High quality, low quantity 

Standing out from the crowd is what makes American made glass so desirable, as most users will compliment the seamless experience they’ve had when using American made glass bongs or American made glass dab rigs. The thicker, high quality materials that are used to make even American made glass pipes offer a better experience for smokers looking for an outstanding smoke session that goes beyond a nice high. Made in low quantities, sometimes one of one creations, American made glass brings authenticity to any smoke accessory collection. 

Is American made glass more expensive?

Not everything with an expensive price tag is worth buying, but when it comes to analyzing the price of American made glass it is always worth considering. American made glass is typically more expensive than imported glass, thanks to the originality of a piece and the high quality materials used to create each smoking device. American made glass is often created by artists that use their skills and artistic expression to come up with American made glass bongs and American made glass pipes and that in itself is worth paying for. After considering the functionality of American made glass, any additional features like percolators and splash guards will only add to its overall price tag. Also, American made glass is oftentimes considered to be pieces of art and can increase in value over time, definitely something to consider if wanting to invest in a heady piece that is American made glass!

What other smoking products are American made?

It might not be apparent if a specific smoking accessory or smoking product is American made, so if you are interested in a piece it is best to do more research about its distributors and manufacturers. Most American made glass will mention that the piece is made in the United States, and other smoking products like rolling papers, filters, rolling trays and more should mention when they are made in the USA as well. When smoking accessories are made in America, most times it will always be stated in the product description as this typically means that American made glass and American made smoking products are manufactured from high quality materials versus imported pieces. Other smoking products like rolling papers are typically made in regions of countries that are specialized in that industry, so American made glass has really created a category for itself with the use of local artists, resources and materials. 

What are the best American brands for bongs?

There are many American brands for bongs and also American made glass by individual artists to create beautiful and original pieces. You might recognize a few of the following brand names and artists mentioned below and if you don’t, check them out so you don’t miss out on some epic American made glass bongs, American made glass pipes, and American made glass dab rigs.

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks is known for its unique and hilarious approach to American made glass and has really set the standard for high quality glass pieces in the 420 community. You’ve probably seen the Empire Glassworks Rainbow Rod Spoon Pipe that is definitely a conversation starter when using in a group setting, or the Empire Glassworks Avocadope Pipe that will make you want some guacamole with how realistic it looks and feels. Empire Glassworks creates extremely high quality glass smoking accessories that deliver a punny and pungent high to enhance the smoke session to new levels. 

Noble Glass

If you’re looking for some mesmerizing glass that is hand blown in the United States, Noble Glass is another brand of high quality American made glass. Check out the Noble Glass Striped Vase Bong that will leave you in a trance, or the Noble Glass Spouted Flower Bong that comes in a few different colors. 

American made glass artists

Here are a few artists with American made glass pieces that you will want to get your hands on ASAP: