Why You Should Use Vapes

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We all have a preferred method of consuming cannabis - whether through smoking, edibles or concentrates - there is comfort in our go-to ritual when getting high. But what about the studies we need to consider regarding the health benefits of vaping vs smoking? Here are some other benefits or incentives associated with vaping and why you should consider it. 

Affordable Alternative

Is it cheaper to vape? One of the best non-health related reasons to vape is how much money it can save you in the long run. Sometimes the upfront costs of vaping can look daunting but over the long term, it could actually save you some green. As compared to smoking cannabis flower, vaping can get you just as high without nearly as much ganja! According to a study, vaporizers convert almost double the percentage of available THC as compared to smoking. Of course, when the occasion calls for a backwoods session ride that wave, but for everyday cannabis use, you can stretch your weed much further when using a vaporizer. 

Pro tip: when using a dry herb vaporizer, grind your weed as finely as possible. This helps with smoother burning and longer vaping sessions, which is perfect for when you reach the end of your stash and are down to just marijuana shake!

Another way to be more resourceful is to reuse your leftover dry herb! Collect the “duff” or the brown and crispy cannabinoids after your vape sessions and grind it up to cook something. Let the stoner in you spark up something creative when the munchies hit. We’ve curated a list of the best cannabis cookbooks to get inspired.

Stealth Vaping

In many parts of the nation, marijuana is not legal yet so it can be difficult to light up a joint when your surroundings prohibit you from doing so. Vaping provides ultimate discretion by masking the pungent smell that cannabis gives off when lit. It’s also much less noticeable when hitting your weed vape pen in public that others will assume it is a nicotine vape pen!

Simplicity of Vaping

Vaping makes smoking easy especially when on the go or traveling. It can be cumbersome to travel with cannabis flour but it’s much simpler to travel with a vape pen. Most vapes come with a travel case that you can disassemble the device into and pack into your bag. Vaping takes the paranoia out of traveling with cannabis so you can enjoy your adventures to the fullest without stress.

Flavor and Smell of Vaping

Thanks to vaping, there are so many different flavor options to choose from these days. Unlike some cannabis strains, vaping provides delicious flavors that can really enhance your smoking experience. Feel free to create your own cocktail mix and smoke your way to flavor town! But what does vaping smell like? It’s a conundrum to many who aren’t experienced in the art of vaping but vaping eliminates the smell that cannabis gives off. This means no more stinking up your clothes or weed breath! You also don’t need to light up all that incense that you normally do to mask the smell after your massive bong rips. 

Vaping for Relaxation

In combination with the above reasons to vape, relaxation is one of the main reasons vaping is so popular today. Vape pens are often used by those that are trying to quit smoking cigarettes or looking for a healthier alternative to smoking in general. But did you know that vaping saves your precious ganja? While still delivering a satisfying high to sustain you throughout the day. Many find vaping relaxing because you can take a few quick hits and continue on with whatever you’re doing rather than having to find a place to smoke, mask the smell, spray yourself afterward, etc. Vaping also reduces setup time to a minimum, so you can toke up almost anywhere and then carry on with your day to day activities. 

Don’t forget about Vaping CBD!

CBD vape pens have become high in demand and for good reason! CBD pens are great for anyone to have because generally, anyone can use it. Many that do not or are unable to consume THC respond well to CBD pens since CBD delivers the same effects without the THC cannabinoids. Or if you need a THC break, CBD pens are excellent to keep your cravings at ease. If you get too high from your THC pen, take a few tokes of CBD to balance yourself out. 

There are so many discussions surrounding vaping and it can be a struggle to find the best vape for you. We’ve created a helpful list of the 7 best vaporizers, but you can also check out our online vape shop. Why do you like vaping and what is your device of choice?

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