Best Cannabis Podcasts 2020 to Forget About COVID-19

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Podcasts have been a go to choice of entertainment during monotonous morning commutes, long plane rides, and road trips, but even with all that off the table due to COVID-19, there’s still a place for podcasts in our daily routines. Cannabis podcasts aren’t all just unintelligible rants from hosts getting baked out of their minds (although there are a lot of those too), the genre spans the entire spectrum and is as unique as the stoners themselves. Whether you’re interested in growing, want to learn about the health benefits of the plant, staying updated on the latest industry news, or just looking for a good laugh, there’s a marijuana podcast out there that fits your interests. These are just a few of the best podcasts that will help you leave your coronavirus quarantine worries behind.

Great Moments in Weed History

If you’re looking to get out of quarantine a little more knowledgeable about cannabis history, then you’re in luck. Great Moments in Weed History is one of the best cannabis podcasts to get high to and makes the topic interesting and fun, but don’t take my word for it, the cannabis history podcast has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts. The show started back in 2018 with an episode featuring the marijuana activist and country music legend, Willie Nelson (the one person Snoop Dogg said he couldn’t out smoke). Since then the show has touched upon the invention of dabbing, the life of founder Tom Forcade from High Times, Louis Armstrong’s weed dealer, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, and Jesus (yup, that Jesus).

Getting Doug With High

The YouTube talk show turned podcast Getting Doug With High is hosted by comedian Doug Benson, who you’ve probably seen on the ridiculous documentary Super High Me. He brings along all of his hilarious celebrity friends like Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Eric André, David Cross, and others onto his podcast for some heart to heart and games like cannabis trivia. Roll up a fatty and expect to nearly pee yourself of laughter. For more comedy shows (honestly, they’re the best when you’re baked) make sure to also check out I’m Too Effing High, which is sort of like a game show for stoned comedians that tries to answer the question we’ve all been wondering–are comedians funnier when they’re high?


Zone out to the mellow voice of Matthew Kind as he updates you on the latest industry news and talks with CEOs of popular cannabis companies like Dosist, Headset, and Ardent about the future of the sector. The CannaInsider podcast compliments the website of the same name, which is a trusted source for product and CBD reviews. Even if you’re not looking to work in the cannabis industry yourself, it’s very interesting to hear from the various entrepreneurs, dispensary owners, cannabis chemists, and marijuana investors he interviews each week. The trending topic at the moment is of course how COVID-19 is affecting the current market and how the pandemic will influence the industry in the long term, but with over 100 episodes, there’s lots of content to peruse that doesn’t mention the “c” word.

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The Adam Dunn Show

This cannabis podcast is one of the most listened to, and with the industry legend Adam Dunn at the reins, its popularity comes at no surprise. Adam has lived and breathed (or shall I say inhaled) cannabis since the early 90s with roots in the Amsterdam breeding scene. He is the founder of one of the oldest and most renowned cannabis seed banks in the world, T.H. Seeds. Throughout the weekly podcast, Adam shares his experience and cannabis history alongside interviews with special guests, medical professionals, and a few of his friends from the marijuana underground. Most episodes of The Adam Dunn Show run over an hour with some as long as three hours! So grind up some bud, find a comfy spot, and settle in.

Blunt Blowin' Mama

Shonitria noticed there was a lack of representation and stigma towards females (particularly stoner moms) in the cannabis community. She knew she wasn’t alone, but where were all the minorities, young women, and mothers who are proud stoners? Shonitria built her own community to fill the need and Blunt Blowin’ Mama was born. This niche podcast explores controversial topics such as talking to kids about weed, pregnancy and cannabis, how to deal with ignorant doctors, weed and sex, runins with child protective services, breastfeeding while smoking pot, and cannabis beauty products. She has interviewed dozens of cannamoms just like herself and even if you aren’t a parent, their stories are extremely eye-opening.

The Cannabis Connoisseur

Don’t expect to hear any stoned ramblings on this informative, well researched marijuana podcast that focuses on all the medicinal uses of the plant in a fun, humorous dialogue. The Cannabis Connoisseur podcast breaks down how to use cannabis to its full potential while remaining productive and elevating your life. From how to effectively use marijuana for insomnia, weight loss, stomach issues, PTSD, or to boost creativity, this enlightening show has been dubbed the “cannabis school” by listeners (obviously the fun kind of school with no homework and where smoking weed is encouraged). Some episodes are a quick ten minute listen that’s perfect for your lunch break, while others such as Why Quality Hemp Matters lasts around an hour.

The Roll-Up

If you’ve ever searched the internet for information about cannabis strains, you’ve probably come across Leafly. The extensive strain library which displays public reviews is the most utilized section of the site, however you can also find nearby dispensaries based on user ratings, deals on pot, educational articles, cannabis business listings, and news. The Roll-Up is a stoner approved Leafly podcast that covers marijuana culture and top stories of the week. They just hit the 100 episode mark, so there’s a lot of content to choose from such as product reviews, CBD use in the NFL, yoga and wellness, movie discussions, and episodes dedicated to the life of cannabis icons like Jack Herer and Charlotte Figi.

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