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Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds: Best Online Seed Banks

July 16, 2021 3 min read

Marijuana Plant Grown From Seeds

Many people are turning to growing their own marijuana so they can save money, choose a specific strain, and monitor all growing conditions. Even if you live in a cannabis legal state in the U.S., you may be nervous about making your first cannabis seed purchase. Is it risky to buy marijuana seeds online? Where is the best place to buy autoflower seeds? What seed banks are legit? We’re going to break down the basics of buying marijuana seeds and give you a useful list of the best online seed banks that ship to the U.S. 

Is buying cannabis seed illegal?

Just like many of the regulations regarding cannabis, buying marijuana seeds also lies in a grey area of the law since the plant is still federally illegal to buy, sell, grow, or consume. However each state designates whether it’s legal or not to grow cannabis and many U.S. states like California, Alaska, and Colorado have legalized cannabis cultivation for recreational purposes. Before planning your cannabis grow setup and buying marijuana seeds, be sure to check your specific state’s government website which will state the local laws as well as the maximum number of flowering plants allowed per household.

Where to buy marijuana seeds

Today, it’s possible to purchase almost anything online, which makes it much easier to buy marijuana seeds and all the growing supplies you need all in one place without leaving the couch. Marijuana seeds are no different, however there are many scam websites and you may not know where to start if you’re just getting into cultivation. Real cannabis seed sellers have built a good reputation, offer seeds with great genetics, and sell established cannabis strains. Nearly all of the oldest and most well-known seed banks are located overseas. When shipping internationally, there is always a chance that U.S. customs officials will inspect your package and confiscate your cannabis seeds, however it is quite rare for the recipient of the package to get in trouble. If you want to avoid this possible loss of your seeds, simply purchase from an American-based seller. Below are just a few of the best online seed banks that you can trust for your next crop.

Best online seed banks that ship to the U.S.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

If you’re okay with growing unbranded cannabis seeds, give ILGM a try. This Netherland-based company is very popular among American growers since the seeds are affordable, there is a germination guarantee on over 100 strains, and shipping to the U.S. is free (it’s $25 extra for tracking). Launched nine years ago by master cultivator Robert Bergman, ILGM now ships from California making the process quick and painless. Their website and blog posts have valuable information on all topics of cannabis growing that will be useful for first-time growers to seasoned cultivators. ILGM accepts Bitcoin, bank transfers, and even cash payments, which is another bonus.

​​Attitude Seed Bank

Advertised as the “world’s largest cannabis seed superstore,” Attitude Seed Bank is a certified retailer of some of the top seed banks in the world such as Dutch Passion, Pyramid Seeds, Critical Mass Collective, Sensi Seeds, and many, many more. Based in the U.K., this online seed bank has discreet shipping to physical addresses in the U.S. This giant seed bank has a very nice price match policy and tons of deals and discounts, where customers can get free seeds for placing larger orders. The price is right and they have the largest selection of cannabis strains you’ll ever find. The only downside is that U.K. law prohibits businesses from discussing details like germination, THC levels, and yields with customers, which impacts the level of customer service they can provide.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

This trusted cannabis seed bank based out of Canada ships discreetly to the U.S. and they throw in free seeds with every order! Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a large selection spanning from autos and feminized seeds to outdoor and high CBD strains. Since 2013, the Canadian cannabis seed bank has been breeding strains that can withstand the harsh North American environments. You can buy marijuana seeds, but cannabis company also sells grow supplies and is loved by home growers and commercial cultivators because of their great customer service and extremely knowledgeable staff. If you’re not picky about growing a specific strain, save some money by purchasing a mixed seed pack, which comes with six mystery seeds at around $8 per seed.

Other top online seed banks:

  • Crop King Seeds
  • Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
  • Seedsman
  • Gorilla Seed Bank
  • MSNL Seed Bank
  • Seed Supreme
  • ​​Growers Choice Seeds

Now that you’ve got your seeds, are you in need of a quick grow setup for small spaces? Check out the Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit for the complete package and don’t forget to pick up some rolling papers and a huge bong so you can celebrate your next harvest.

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