Cheap Indoor Grow Setup for Small Spaces

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Cannabis indoor grow setup
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So you want to start growing your own marijuana at home? With sky high cannabis taxes that seem to increase every year and a growing need for pot (thanks covid), many stoners are experimenting with home grows. Some people love the idea of growing marijuana at home, but are turned off for a number of reasons. Having just a very small grow space to work with, dealing with nosy neighbors, working with a low budget for the project, or wanting to keep their love of the green goddess to themselves are just a few issues that arise. Luckily, you can be discreet and still stick to your budget with one of the many cheap indoor grow setups for small spaces. Weekend runs to the dispensary will be a thing of the past.

Small closet grow room setup

Only have a closet to grow in? No problem. Just be sure to first take out all of your clothes and belongings that you don’t want to smell like bud. Since the invention of indoor grow lights, cannabis enthusiasts have been converting closets and other small indoor spaces into grow rooms with ease. Many products such as grow lights were designed exactly for small spaces like this. People often put off getting started because they think it will be a big investment, however you can get a cheap closet grow setup for less than $150 and you can easily make your money back after just one or two harvests.

Best indoor grow setup

Small grow setup equipment

For a basic small closet grow room setup, you will need an indoor grow light, containers, potting soil, nutrients, and a fan at the very least. While some of these items can be purchased very cheap, it’s recommended to get mid to high quality items since they make a big difference in the quality of the final product and many items like the containers, grow lights, and fan can be reused over and over again. Cheap containers or fans will need to be replaced after just a few harvests. If you’re going to splurge on one item in your grow setup, it should be the grow lights. When you’re ready to upgrade your setup, the first thing you should do is get a grow tent or line your closet with mylar sheets or foil, which will refract the light and allow the bottom and interior leaves of the plants to have more light and produce higher yields. The Mars Hydro is a great all-in-one grow tent setup that includes a grow tent, hanging LED light panel, humidity thermometer, timer, grow bags, and an inline duct fan. This complete grow kit works well in any space. Below are a few things to note when choosing marijuana seeds online and purchasing your first indoor grow lights.

Marijuana seeds

Do not use pot seeds from the bottom of your baggie or purchase cheap marijuana seeds online. Starting a grow with poor genetics will just be a waste of your time and money. Invest in quality marijuana seeds from a respectable seed bank. Beginners should start with autoflowering seeds or feminized seeds from an easy beginner strain. Take into consideration the harvest time (this will be in days or weeks), the average yield, height of the plant (very important for small grow setups), and if the plant has a strong smell during flowering.

Indoor grow lights

Grow lights will probably be your biggest expense and are very important to the yield and quality of your end product. You absolutely can not grow marijuana using a normal lightbulb. To reach their full potential, cannabis plants need very bright, strong, direct light to give it enough juice to flower and produce those sought after giant buds. The most common types of indoor grow lights are LED, HID, and fluorescent lights. For a small closet grow room setup, a high-quality LED panel light mounted to the ceiling will work just fine.

Total costs to start a home grow

For most home cultivators, cost is one of the most important factors. No one wants to pay more than they need to for bud. While it’s much cheaper to grow marijuana outdoors, most home growers choose to grow indoors where the environment can be controlled and yields are higher. While making calculations, don’t forget to include the costs of marijuana seeds, water, and electricity to run the lights, which can vary drastically. Below is a quick breakdown of the main costs involved in starting a basic home grow operation so you can estimate how much you will need to invest.

  • Indoor grow lights - $50 and up
  • Containers - $7 to $12
  • Organic potting soil - $20 and up
  • Nutrients - $10 and up
  • Fan/circulation - $25 and up
  • Marijuana seeds - $50 and up for five feminized seeds
  • Optional items: Grow tent ($60+), trimming tools ($15), loupe ($5), weed storage containers ($8+)

Total: $112 plus the cost of seeds, water, and electricity

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