FireFly 2 Plus Vaporizer Review

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FireFly 2 Vaporizer
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There’s no need to have a lengthy introduction for the infamous FireFly brand and the FireFly 2 Plus Vape, a portable vaporizer that has been around since 2019 as an upgrade to its predecessor. Here is all you need to know with a full FireFly 2 Vaporizer review and if it’s worth the hefty price tag!

Is the FireFly 2 Plus worth it?

All in all, there are so many upsides to the FireFly 2 Plus vape as compared to the previous models. Right off the bat with a lesser price tag than the earlier version, vapers are winning with this portable setup that will get you up and toking in no time. 

Vape in 20 seconds

A huge benefit to owning a FireFly 2 Plus Vaporizer is how quick the heat up time is. In less than 20 seconds this bad boy will heat up for you and be smokeable just in time for you to take a bathroom break in less than five. This portable vape is especially great for the vapers on the go that need to light up quickly and efficiently, and most importantly discreetly.

FireFly 2 Plus hardware 

Essentially almost identical to the FireFly 2 vape, being super easy to slip into your pocket at just over five inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Using a 770mAh battery as its predecessor, there is apparently 33% more airflow with the FireFly 2 Plus vape and there are many raving about its higher quality hits.

Vape both herbs and concentrates

Why have to choose when you can have the best of both worlds? Whether you love flower or straight concentrates, the FireFly 2 Plus vape uses convection heating to quickly get your buds ready and prepared for a heavy hit. Pro tip: the FireFly 2 Plus vape is easier to load with concentrates versus flower as it gets a bit messy. While it is possible to use this device for both, we highly suggest utilizing this portable vape with concentrates for the best experience!

Great battery life

Easily get up to half a dozen bowls back to back before having to juice up, but the best part is how fast the charging time on the FireFly 2 Plus vape is. Clocking in at just under an hour for a full charge and being able to quickly charge for 15 minutes before being able to take a few hits again is great news for the stoners that forget to power up. 

How to use the FireFly 2 Plus Vape

A quick rundown on the FireFly 2 Plus vape ensures that once you get your hands on this you’ll know exactly what to do! Plus, there are so many FireFly 2 Plus vape accessories that will have you wanting to customize TF out of your smoke setup. 

  • Press and hold the right button on the portable vape device to initiate warming up the FireFly 2 Plus vape
  • Tap the left button 3 times fast while still holding the right button to put into “temperature setting” mode
  • Once the LED flashes a red color it will show what the current temperature setting is and adjust between 320 - 420 degrees in 20 degree increments

FireFly 2 Plus Vape accessories

Already sold on the FireFly 2 Plus Vape and wanting to fully pimp out your setup? FireFly makes it super easy to customize your next vape sesh with so many accessories and add-ons for an upgraded experience. 

FireFly 2 Plus Vape Mouthpiece - 2 pack

The FireFly 2 Plus Vape Mouth Piece comes in a 2-pack so you can share with friends without having to share everything with friends. Just snap this on and toke away knowing you have your own personal mouthpiece to hold and slobber on.

FireFly 2 Plus Case with Zipper

If you really want to protect your device, the FireFly 2 Plus Case with Zipper is the perfect addition and way to ease any worries. Just throw your portable vape into this case and zip it up with your concentrates or flower! It is a sleek and easy way to keep your stash and goods all in one place.

FireFly 2 Plus Cleaning Kit

Make sure to take care of your device with the FireFly 2 Plus Cleaning Kit, an essential add-on to really extend the longevity of your vape! This cleaning kit includes a wire brush, an airflow needle, two multi-purpose cleaning picks and two alcohol wipes. 

FireFly 2 Vaporizer Review

The FireFly 2 Plus vape is a reliable portable vape that delivers every single time. Make sure to check out the best portable vapes for other comparable models to the FireFly 2 Plus vape.  While the price tag is something to consider, this sleek and sophisticated vape has been a top competitor in the vaping market for quite a few years and we know why!

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