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Can Weed Improve Your Sex Life?

February 14, 2020 4 min read

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We all know that everything from food to movies and music seem to be so much more enjoyable when we’re high, but what about sex? Can marijuana enhance our sex lives? There may be a long way to go in research regarding marijuana and sex, however most pot smokers will tell you that there is definitely a positive correlation between the two. The next time you light up may just be the perfect reason to get naughty in the bedroom.

The health benefits of cannabis have become nearly mainstream in recent years. People from all walks of life are including cannabis into their wellness routines since it can help with many different kinds of issues. Epilepsy, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and even menstrual cramps are just a few ailments that cannabis has been used for. Keeping this in mind, it isn’t that far fetched to think weed can also improve sex drive and sexual sensations.

The combination of THC and CBD in pot might be the key to this mystery. CBD is known to reduce stress and anxiety levels, which can often hinder sexual experiences, particularly among females. CBD may also be the reason for increased satisfaction. When having an orgasm, our bodies naturally produce a type of cannabinoid (a group of chemical compounds that includes CBD) called endogenous cannabinoids. So smoking marijuana with a high CBD level before sex may actually intensify an orgasm’s pleasurable effects. On the other hand, the high from THC allows couples to let loose in the bedroom. Marijuana use often comes with heightened senses (that’s why music sounds better), increased relaxation, and a little less inhibition and judgement which sets the stage for a pleasurable night where both people can be at ease.

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Is marijuana an aphrodisiac?

Do you get turned on while high? Well, you are not alone. According to a study from Stanford’s School of Medicine, regular marijuana use is linked to more sex for both men and women across demographics. A whopping 20% more! 50,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 45 participated in the study, which concluded that there is a positive correlation between the two. The study also determined that female daily pot smokers are actually having more sex while high than their male counterparts.

There is also quite a lot of interest in specific cannabis strains for arousal, intimacy, and libido. Stoners love to get down and dirty with Atomic Northern Lights and Ultimate Trainwreck. Sour Dream and virtually any kind of edibles are also popular picks. When it comes to the best strains for female arousal, Strawberry Cough tops the list. Every person is different, so if you want to experiment in the bedroom, give a few weed strains and edibles a try (not at the same time) to see what turns you on the most. If ingesting your weed doesn’t sound fun, many people also swear by newer products like marijuana-laced lube, massage oil, and cannabis tinctures made specifically for getting hot and horny.

Does weed make you last longer in bed?

Now for the big question men and women both want answered. Does weed affect getting hard? There have been mixed responses from men regarding this vital question. Even the research regarding male marijuana smokers and sexual health is contradictory with some men showing improvement in erectile dysfunction while others experiencing negative effects.

So why do so many people believe that smoking weed before sex makes you last longer? It appears that lasting longer is probably just due to the fact that everything seems to take longer while high. Our perception of time is distorted making that 10 minute romp seem like an hour or a minute-long shower feel like forever. Remember that time you got baked and stared at the dog for what felt like 20 minutes but it was actually just 45 seconds? Yup, just like that. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though if everyone involved has the same perception of time, in other words are just as stoned as you are.

When it comes to the ladies, one study found that women using marijuana before sex were having more satisfying orgasms and experiencing less pain. The women also reported increased sexual desire, enjoyment, and pleasure. Regular marijuana users experienced satisfactory orgasms two times more frequently than infrequent users or non smokers. Luckily for the ladies, the study has a simple and straightforward conclusion: “marijuana appears to improve satisfaction with orgasm”.

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Has all of this information got you ready to get blazed and test out these theories. Don’t go running to your local dispensary just yet. Studies surrounding marijuana use and sex are few and far between, so without further research into the subject, we can’t be sure about the correlation. Even with the growing popularity of CBD and legalized marijuana in the U.S., it is still considered a Schedule I drug which makes it difficult for researchers to get approval for these types of studies, many of which get around the issue by conducting subjective studies like surveys. Right now there are still a lot of contradictory reports like the one that showed men who smoke marijuana have a lower sperm count, while a separate study actually proved the opposite was true. 

Without further research, we will never get a definitive answer, but if past studies tells us anything, it’s that smoking weed will probably improve your love and sex life. But then again, you already knew that.

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